What is the best way to smoke your weed?!

Question: What is the best way to smoke your weed!?
I have tried it out of a hookah, bong, and pipe!. I was wondering what is the best way to conserve your bud and to get way ripped and the same time!.[email protected]@Com

I prefer joint or blunts!. They're not as harsh as a bowl or a bong, so you can take bigger hits!.

EDIT: I just re-read your question!. I didn't see the "how to conserve" part the first time!. Here's what you do!.!.!.!.!.blow your hits into a balloon and then keep hitting the balloon till the smoke is all gone!. Sounds stupid, sounds like it wouldn't work!.!.!.!.!.but trust me it does![email protected]@Com

it depends on how much weed you have and how Big the hole is i guess!.!. I have smoked out of

cans,,Joints, Blunts, Pipes, Bongs, homemade Bongs, Bubblers, Hookas,Vaporizers,,Chillums,,and so on just other homemade bongs!.!.!.BUT Overall i have to say Pipes, Bongs typically are great for lots of weed, and the hole is usually bigger, but i mean Its between Bongs and Pipes,,of course Bongs you got the Water to Cool the smoke, so you can take bigger hits, also its way cooler to use a bong than a Pipe!.!.but I like pipes Cause they are smaller and still efficient, they are way better than Chillums or joints cause they have a bowl!.!.!.and they are easy to clean!.!.!.
So i go with BONGS, and Pipes!.!.!.But to Conserve Bud i say Pipe cause typically pipes have a smaller hole, and most times when i smoke out of bongs well allot of times its when we have had a chill place to smoke at, and usaully lots of weed!.!.!.
PIPES for me are more on the go same with Joints, but i have a Bong at my House a Homemade Bong out of A Gatorade Botttle, and i have 3 slides for it, that have good bowls, and it Rips hard!.!.!.

And i have a broken pipe that i droped and it broke about last month when i was really blazed, i can still smoke out of it, the end like a chillum, its a glass pipe by the way!.!.!.

[email protected]@Com

So far the most effective smoking device is one I built myself!.!.!. it's a modified waterfall bong!.

Get a plastic bottle with a screw top (around the size of one of those cranberry juice bottles is the best, also make sure it's clear because it looks wicked cool), a bong stem, and some tubing!. Make a hole in the cap and push the bong stem through, and put enough tubing on the end of the stem to reach just above the bottom of the bottle!. Then make a finger-sized hole on the side of the bottle, as close to the bottom as you can get it!.

Unscrew the lid and pack the bowl!. Put one finger over the hole in the bottom and fill the bottle with water!. Screw the bowl on!.

Let the water drain into a sink while you light the bowl!. The suction will draw all the smoke into the bottle, and the smoke will filter through the water as it drains!. It looks really cool, and you'll end up with incredibly dense potent hits!. Take the lid off and enjoy!.

Just remember!.!.!. small hits or you'll cough like mad!. That's a whole bowl in that little bottle!.[email protected]@Com

A water bong with the bowl that lifts out kicks my butt every time!. The best way to conserve your bud!? Keep it to yourself and smoke less often, like once a day!. I either wake and bake or sit on the porch at night after supper!. If you smoke too often, you get a tolerance and the bud that was soooo killer at the start of the bag barely gives you a twinge by the end of it!.[email protected]@Com

my favorite method is called the milkshake:

-stick a glass in the freezer so it gets nice and frosty!.
-while that is getting chill, roll a joint and stick it on the end of a straw!.
-light the joint and hold the glass upside down!.
-blow (exhale, not inhale) through the straw and into the upside down glass!.
-the glass will fill with smoke!. turn it right side up and inhale the smoke as if you were drinking from the glass!.

i do enjoy pipes, bongs, and joints, but they can be very wasteful with pot!. consider how much smoke goes in the air as you pass the roach!. that's precious thc that's going to waste!

this method is great for several reasons:
1!.) there is very limited waste, since you're blowing the smoke into a contained space!.
2!.) since it is chilled, the smoke is very mild and smooth!. it's great if you're sick or have an irritated throat!.

happy smoking![email protected]@Com

Trust me on this!. Get a vaporizer!. If you're low on cash, get the vapor genie!. if you have money, get the hurricane!. I've been smoking daily for 3 years now, and thanks to a vaporizer i've been able to get really really high again!. and stay really high!. for a ridiculously small amount of weed!.[email protected]@Com

the best way I have found is to use a dugout w/ a 1 hitter!. just load it up 1 or 2 times and you're good to go!. you can get them at head shops or sometimes at cigar shops!. they make great chamo too cause they look like cigarettes!.[email protected]@Com

Do it in front of a cop that way you get the thrill and excitment out of it then you can run really fast getting your blood pumping causing a better high[email protected]@Com

Haha i wish I could smoke it! But now I just get paranoid:) So,I drink instead!. But if I had a choice!.!.!.!.it would be a bowl![email protected]@Com

get a vaporizer[email protected]@Com

Google "hot knifing"!.[email protected]@Com

smoke it really hard[email protected]@Com

i use blunts!.
philles strawberry =][email protected]@Com

bong it
[email protected]@Com

I like bongs!.!.
despise 'shottys' !.!.!.[email protected]@Com

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