What are some drinks I could make...?!

Question: What are some drinks I could make!.!.!.!?
with Absolute Raspberry Vodka and how!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

These are just from my head (experience)!

Mix the Absolute Rasp Vodka with 7up (or sierra mist, or sprite)
amount depends on your taste, but i would guess:
8 ounces 7up, 1 shot vodka (adjust as necessary)

Mix the Rasp Vodka with any berry flavored juice drink!.
try the same ratio as above, adjust as needed

Mix the Rasp Vodka with Pepsi (I dont have any idea this will work, but it might)
same ratio as above, adjust as needed


muddle some mint, add a splash of chambord, vodka, soda and 7!.!.!.!.
vodka, splash triple sec, lime juice!.!.!.shake and strain into chilled martini glass!.
vodka, chambord, orange juice, in a blender with ice, blend and serve

Raspberry vodka is great!. I like it a lot mixed with Sprite and a splash of cranberry!. It's also really good with white cranberry/strawberry juice!. Or even orange juice!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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