Party questions?!

Question: Party questions!?
How many beers are in a quarter keg!?
How much is it to rent the pump and keg (filled)
Will it be enough for about 10 people drinking!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

I tried to research your question a little!. Most web pages anounced that a keg is about 15!.5 gallons of liquid!. One gallon contains 128 ounces, so one gallon is about ten 12ounce beers (which beer is normally sold in, by the can or bottle)!. A full keg, then, should serve about 150 beers!. A half of a keg serves about 75 beers, and a quarter keg would serve about 38 beers!.

So how much you need will depend on how much people will be drinking!. Of course that will range - some may only want one or two, or if you're having more of a low key event or an event where people arent going to get drunk or an event with inexperienced drinkers, then a quarter of a keg will do!. It would mean an average of 3!.8 beers per person!.

If you're having more of a drinking bash then you should go with a half keg!. also, if your event will take place over a longer period of time you should get a bigger keg!. Your body can metabolize about 1 beer per hour!. So if your party is 4 hours long, people can easily have 4 or even more beers, and only have a light buzz!. This would mean that a quarter of a keg isnt enough to support one beer per person per hour, which is a bummer!.

In my research I found a pretty funny website so I'm going to show it to you!. It appears that some college kids were curious about how much is inside a keg!. They confirm that it is 15!.5 gallons, but they want to measure it in other ways - how many cups of beer!? how many people can drink!? etc!. Its kind of funny and there are alot of pictures, because they took pictures of every cup poured! You get some advice on setting up the keg (for example, dont shake it) and a play-by-play of the party (for example, at 11:30pm the first cup of beer was dropped)!. Anyway, I dont know these people but its a fun site, and it gives alot of different information about how much is inside a keg of beer!. So the website is here: http://www!.********!.com/inside/keg/keg!.h!.!.!.

Anyway, I hope this information helps!. When it comes down to it, if you just want an opinion, I would go with a half of a keg, not a quarter!. You certainly dont want to run out, especially if everyone is having a good time! Have fun!Www@FoodAQ@Com

a quarter keg is plenty for 10 people!. it all depends on the type of beer you get, usually the tap is loaned for a extra deposit!. the site below is helpful!. from experience you will have plenty of beer!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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