Embarrassing stories from blackout drunk behavior?!

Question: Embarrassing stories from blackout drunk behavior!?
Hit me with what you got!. Here's my story!. I drank an Irish Car Bomb and a beer and two shots of Smirnoff vodka!. I was perfectly fine, then it hit me all at once, (I think I drank too fast)!. I was told the following day, that I tried to kiss people at the party including a girl, her sister and another boy!.!.!.I'm a girl by the way!. I was also told I was kissing somebody on the neck!. and whenever I made somebody uncomfortable they would yell to my friend to "come get your friend!" I woke to thorns in my feet, dirt in my shoes, my cell phone was in the woods, my keys in another person's custody, and my car rearranged!. I woke not having to pee, so I hope I didn't just decide to pee in front of everybody!. oh god, I think I would die of shame! I recall two things!. One, yelling, "I'm not gonna puke!" Two, hearing my friend say she was getting felt up by me, and that I pretty much felt everybody else up as well!. Tell me that isn't embarrassing!. MAKE ME FEEL BETTER! What did you do!?Www@FoodAQ@Com

about a year after my alcohol poisoning!. i thought i could drink like i used to, i was dead wrong!. i drank about 3/4 of a bottle of vodka by myself and 4 tall cans of miller ( i was broke)!. normally i could take that but that day was different!. from what i was told, i ended up yelling at everyone there that i was gonna kill them and made my way to the kitchen!. luckily, i wasn't able to walk straight, so this girl i liked took care of me!. she kepted me at bay in the bathroom!. my co-workers there decided to take me home but leave me in my car in front of my house!. i woke up to me throwing up on myself and not caring and drove my car inside my house!. when i got inside, i could faintly hear my parent yelling at me while i tried to play it off like i wasn't f-ed up!. alcoholics run hard in my fam!. so my mom decided to let me suffer by not taking my to the hospital for my alcohol posioning!. i laid in my bed for 3 days recovering and then when i had to go back to work i had to apologize to my co-workers for saying i was gonna kill them!. that was the last time i did that!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

Well i got drunk i drank loads of vodka and beer then i thought i could walk so i walked into the living room and my friend dared me to take my top off so i did and then he took my bra off and i was sat topless by the window next to the front door and the pizza man came i was like **** and then also all my friends walked in and was like woah!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

okay well my friend and i went to this guys kick back and it was her first time drink!.!. and she played kings cup (lost)

she ended up blacking out and me and this guy were hooking up and she came stumbling in and took her shirt off and said she wanted to **** him with me!.!. then a little later threw up on her crush
and we had to call her parents becuase she past out and didnt wake upWww@FoodAQ@Com

Imagine my embarrassment when I woke up in a sorority house with 2 giggling girls getting busy on me!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

i was wicked drunk off almost an entire fifth of takaa vodka [yeah, i go for the cheap shizz], last thing i remember i was talking to this really wierd chick that i detest and telling her exactly what she would have to do get a real friend [i tore into her, pretty badly!.!.!.she changed schools about a week later]!.!.!.i woke up in the back of someone's truck, my bra is missing, and i'm covered in a thin layer of dry gunk!.!.!.and when i sit up i realize i'm at the beach, like 40 miles from where the party had been!.!.!.my best friend was sitting on the tailgate and busted out laughing!.!.!.she had my bra in her purse because i had been trying to use it like a david and goliath style slingshot, and she thought i might need it later on!.!.!.and she showed me a video she took of me falling into the canal that was besidethe house we were supposed to be staying at!.!.!.then i got like 20 other people to go to the beach!.!.!.the truck i was in had to keep stopping because i kept jumping out of the bed!.!.!.good thing the speed limit is only like 20 the whole way to the beach!.!.!.and i finally passed out after trying to catch the dolphins for about half an hour!.!.!.they had to carry me back to the truck!.!.!.needless to say, i haven't drank that much since then!.!.!.Www@FoodAQ@Com

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