What is the strongest energy drink?!


What is the strongest energy drink?

The answer is ... PowerShot. Never tried it myself or even seen it in stores. For the drinks more commonly available, expresso or even regular coffee has the most caffeine per ounce. See my link below for a complete chart.


Since my answer is being called out below, I feel the need to defend it. When someone asks for the "strongest" caffeine drink, there's really only 2 ways to look at it. The potency which is the mg of caffeine per ounce, or the total caffeine inside of the drink with whatever the serving is. Powershot is the most potent and stongest drink per ounce. A 16 oz cup of Starbucks Grande Coffee (or probably most other regular coffees as well) has the most caffeine per serving.


Powerade or Vault!

a strong coffee.

I think they effect every one different so it depends i like Sobe Gold.My BF's Favorite is Jolt.

The drink that they extract from waasps (not sure about it. they might be hornets or something.)

The best energy drink I've ever had is Amp. It's a version of Mountain Dew, and I had three of them before I went to bed and it kept me up for three nights straight! Try it sometime; it works wonders.

STEVEN SEAGAL’S Lightning Bolt energy


A large coffee...

I read somewhere that there are laws in place here in the U.S. that dictate how much caffeine can be in a drink, which is mostly what gives you the "energy." So my hunch is that all of the major energy drinks such as Red Bull, Amp, Sobe adrenaline rush, moxie, superman, steven segal, etc etc have the same amount of caffeine.

I just go by taste and how it makes my belly feels. My personal favorite is Monster but i try pretty much any one i see if its new and i havent had it before.

you people know nothing about energy drinks, COCAINE IS THE STRONGEST ENERGY DRINK. they are trying to ban it in Michigan because of the high caffeine rate. you can feel your heart beating really hard and fast

The chart linked above is per ounce, so Powershot is not the strongest, it just looks that way because it is only one ounce.
Redline has over 250 mg of caffeine and Spike 300 mg compared to only 100 in a Powershot. Rockstar Zero Carb has 360 but that is a 24oz can! (Cocaine drink has a little less than Spike at 280 according to the chart above.) Redline is psycho, waaaay too strong. The warning label is like a novel. My advice: Never on an empty stomach and never more than half a can...yikes....I hate the stuff. I was shaky, stomach cramped up, headache, etc when I tried it.

I drink Rock Star

I drink Kronik energy

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