Does Liquor go bad ??!


Does Liquor go bad ??

I have a bottle of Triple Sec now for a year and my husband says its bad , i say i dont think so. And i also have a bottle of Bailiey's, does that go bad too?

Bailey's has creme in it and can go bad. Triple Sec has a high sugar content and should be okay. I have had a bottle of triple sec for years and it is still okay...

I would say that the triple sec doesn't go bad that quickly... certainly not after 1 year. The Bailey's... well, that does go bad. Not too sure after how long - but I have had bailey's curdle on me before that was DISGUSTING. You may notice a taste drop-off in the triple sec. Just from my experience!

No, liquor does not go bad; if anything it gets stronger and more potent just like wine.

funny you ask. I poured some Bailey's in a glass last night that had seperated. I had no idea it would go bad

If it is opened. If not most alcohol lasts for a long time.

Liquor does not for my knowledge go bad the additives such as cream in bailey's however does. Any bacteria (that I know of) or else that is resiliant enough to survive direct contact with alcohol probably did not originate close to home.

Well as basic cooking lessons. !
Read the label.
Bailiey's say 6 months
I'm sure that will apply to any of the cream liquor with milk.

no, Spirits don't go bad!

Baileys that has been opened and NOT kept in the refrigerator can go bad.

Triple Sec should be ok, it has lots of sugar and high alcohol.

Try a little in a glass and see, if in question throw them out and buy new, they are rather inexpensive.

No liquor does not go bad. As long as you don't have your Bailiey's open and not in the freezer.

I don't think Spirits go bad, because you always hear the saying "The longer you keep them, the stronger & fresher they taste". I had a friend who has vodka and wine, he's had them over 3 years now and they're still quite fresh. He opened a bottle of wine a few nights ago and it's excellent in taste he says!

Beer spoils fairly quickly. Cream liquers last a bit longer, but still spoil. But as far as I know strong booze just gets stronger.

it is good you have both.
it will go good on the rock or with crush ice

bailey's will go bad refrigerate after u open

you have to show it to me

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