How many beers would it take to reach 0.08 percent?!


How many beers would it take to reach 0.08 percent?

I know you can't be for certain, because everyone responds to alcohol differently. But on average how many beers does it take to reach the legal limit?

I've had beer that was 2% alcohol. I've had beer that was 24% alcohol. And a lot in between.

Please rephrase your question.

depends on your body mass

slim people need less beer
larger people can absorb more

But on average ..... 2 beers will put you at 0.08 or very close to it

It depends on your body weight and the amount of time to consume the beer. If you are very skinny, one beer could do it! Two beers for most people if they are drunk within a half hour.

3-4 beers is my guess.your right,it depends alot on body weight,when you take the test.

Both answerers are correct. Another factor is gender, yes it is a scientific fact the men metabolize alcohol at a quicker rate.

depends on your body mass

for example,
a person being 200 pounds could drink a lot more beers than a person being 150 pounds and still not be drunk even though the 150 pound person is

If your talking about cans (375ml) of full strength beer (4%-6%) and you are an average sized MAN, it will take around 3 cans of beer. For midstrength beer about 4 cans of beer. Full strength = 1.5 standard drinks and Mid = 1 Sd
Keep in mind the body reduces its blood alcohol concentration (BAC) by .02 % or one standard drink per hour.
So if you have 3 cans of full strength and you ARE over the limit you will have to wait at least one full hour without a drink before you drop under .08%. If you are talking about drinking and driving and you are a teenager think about your life first..

i had to go thru alcohol classes and they said you can drink one beer an hour and never get drunk, but 2 or more will..

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