What is the worst alcohol drink for your liver?!


What is the worst alcohol drink for your liver?

And how bad for you is a bottle of shots??

....I'm guessing very, but like how much beers would it add up to roughly speaking?

Beer and wine are more healthy, although the average 12 ounce beer and 5 ounce glass of wine carries the same rough alcohol content as an ounce of 80 proof liquor. Actually slightly more;
One 5% 12 ounce beer and one 5 ounce glass of 12% wine have 0.6 ounces of pure alcohol each, while one 1 ounce shot of 40% liquor has 0.4 ounces. But this is offset by larger volume of water in beer and wine which slightly dilutes the effect.

Beer and wine have nutritional value along with vitamins (especially B vitamins) and other healthy compounds such as polyphenol antioxidants and the like. Some beers actually have more of these substances since they are less filtered than wines.

Neutral grain spirits (Everclear, moonshine) would be the worst as they are as close to pure alcohol as possible 95% 190 proof.
100 % is possible but difficult, alcohol naturally draws moisture from the air, it stabilizes at when it reaches 5 % water content.

Also absinthe does not cause hallucinations, that is a myth.

absinthe, it comes in 80%,85%, and 90% alcohol

all alchohal is bad

1 shot = 1 beer = 1 glass of wine.

Any alcohol in excess can be harmful to your health.

Your body processes pure grain spirits (top shelf Vodka for instance) the easiest. If you drink a good quality vodka (Stoli or higher) and stick with it all night, you seldom wake up with a hangover.

It is most difficult for your liver to process many different types of alcohol taken in one sitting. So if you're drinking beer, then have a glass of wine and then move on to shots, you're setting yourself up for one heck of a headache the next day.

I have heard that Gin is the cleanest alcohol as far as trying to avoid hangovers and impurities but as for your liver all spirits have ethanol and it will affect your liver the same way no matter what form it is in. If you drink 2 shots of 40 proof its the same as drinking one shot of 80 proof and technically will affect you the same way in drunkenness and liver harm. 1 shot (80 proof) roughly equals 1 beer. Real Absinthe also has thujone a physcoactive chemical which could add to liver damage so yes in that sense its probably the worst.

The higher the alcohol level, the more damage it does to your liver. It doesn't matter what you mix it with.
For DUI purposes, one 12 oz. beer = 1 mixed drink or 1 straight shot of alcohol.

To much of any alcohol with time will kill your liver! Literately

never really thought about it

There is more to worry about from the quantity of alcohol that is absorbed into the body than from the type of alcohol. I would not recommend drinking a bottle of "shots" in one sitting. You would have more to worry about from alcohol poisoning than from cirrhosis at this point. Also, obesity, diabetes and other issues are involved in cirrhosis of the liver.

Any more than 2 glasses of wine, 2-3 12 oz. beers, 2-3 shots of whiskey consumed per night could be problematic.

On the absinthe thread, I have had plenty of absinthe, yet have had not hallucinations...

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