When is the best time of day to eat Yogurt?!

Question: I mean u eat with an empty stomach or after Dinner?Thanks

Answers: I mean u eat with an empty stomach or after Dinner?Thanks

both are accepted.. in fact it wont effect you either you take it before or after you eat.. but make sure the yogurt are kept under 8degree celcius for all the time, so that the culture inside is in right proportion for human body..

mostly at breakfast so empty stomach


I usually eat yogurt for breakfast everyday,but it could also be eaten for a morning,afternoon,or evening snack too! ;-)

I like to eat mine for a mid morning snack with a bit of granola and fruit in it.

I eat my early it's seen to help my stomach.
this may not be so for some body else you just have to try it your self.

i agree with luvmy3. It is ok any time of day, I usually eat some when the kids go to bed, so i can eat it in peace. Especially the orange/cream flavor. we all like it.

Anytime. It's very good for your stomach.

at midnight

The best time to eat yogurt is afternoon with lunch....it reduces heat fo body n keeps cool from within....

Eating yogurt at night will give problems like cold n cough

if god wanted u to eat yogurt -- he'd of named it something else

Any time of the day is fine... I even have it (on my plate) with my meals if eating something spicy.

yogurt is not vegetarian...

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