Pains in my stomach after eating broccoli?!


Pains in my stomach after eating broccoli?

It seems like everytime I eat broccoli that's been cooked it hurts my stomach afterwards.
But not if it is raw.

This also happens to a co-worker??

Why does this make my stomach hurt? I don't cook it in oil.

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3 days ago
I have eaten chicken with it and the same reaction.

I don't seem to have much gas after either.


Broccoli is part of the Cabbage family & Cooked causes gas. Gas = Pain. Even if you don't feel like iti s gass the pain is still there.
It is also very high in fiber that to can casue stomach distress.
Try a disgetive aid. You can get one from your health food store. I use The Vitamin Shoppe (they are on line too)

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