Do onions go bad?!


Do onions go bad?

Yep. Discovered a rotting one the other day. I thought they didn't lol.


YES! They can get downwright evil. Keep them dry and use them often.

Yes, and when they do you will definitely know it. They smell if you forget about them. :)

Yeap, and you'll know if they do.

1. It smells funny and strong
2. discolor (brownish)
3. liquidy juice formation

If any of the 3 is present then you should not use that onion.

yes they do. this is generally caused by bad storage.they need to have a good air circulation.

Sure do

yes onions go bad

Yes....they turn black and stink

Yes- and generally you can smell it!!

Of course onions can go bad. Sometimes they will get black spots. Sometimes they can get mushy areas. You can cut off the bad part of an onion and just go ahead and use the good. Onion really should be kept in a cool spot. Another way to avoid bad onions is to dice your extras, put them in a freezer bag and keep them. These are handy to keep on hand.

Yes they do, some people keep them in the fridge, I don't like them cold. I keep mine in a basket, and in a very cool spot in my kitchen. Check often for onions with soft spots, that's usually the first sign of over ripe onions.

YEs they do

Yes of course they do.

yes, they will get soft and smell bad.

Yes, But you can tell if they do just by looking at them, and smelling. They loose that strong onion smell that onions have, and they start to look yellowish brown or discolored insome way. You will know.

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