How do i order fried eggs in a restaurant?!


How do i order fried eggs in a restaurant?

Every time I try to order eggs in a restaurant, I always seem to get it wrong. I always order over easy because that's how my dad and brother order it, but I don't like the yolk intact. I like my egg fried all the way through, but I don't know what that's called. Could someone please help and tell me the different ways I can order eggs? Thanks!

breakfast diners are the pickiest eaters. there are so many ways to order eggs. you describe whats called "eggs over hard", that's with the yolks cooked thru. "over easy" are eggs with the yolk still runny and turned over in the frying pan for a few seconds, then the eggs should be flipped back over to serve. "over medium"... eggs with the yolk cooked partially thru. also you can order "over easy and basted"... that's where the hot fat is spooned over the eggs to cook them thru. "sunny side up" eggs are cooked with a cover on the pan and not turned at all, the yolk still runny. scrambled can be "soft" or "hard" as well soft is still a little wet and hard is cooked till there like rubber! any way i could go on all day... hope this helps. chef Paul
BTW, a breakfast cook who is fast and accurate is worth his weight in gold!

just tell them to cook the yolk throughly.

Over easy is cooked only on one side and not flipped at all. The yolk will be runny.

Over easy is the same but flipped over.

Over medium is a partially cooked yolk and over hard is a fully cooked yolk.

Just get scrambled!!!! or you can tell them you want them over, but cooked all the way thru so yolk is hard

i like my eggs Over Hard. this means the yolk is fully cooked and the white may be a bit crispy. Over Medium is a soft yolk that may be a bit runny. when in doubt, order Scrambled.

It's called over hard. That means the yolk is cooked through and it's not runny :)

Just say you want fried eggs .


Tell them to brack the yolk and cook well

Well done... Say over easy, "well done" - better yet get an omelet.

I hate runny eggs so I order mine..... over medium or over/ cooked clear through...better yet scrambled.............They can't screw it up that way!

I like my eggs over easy. To me, that is white part done and yellow runny. I also like sunny side up.That is white partially cooked and yellow runny. If you like your eggs completely cooked through, then you should ask for over well or over hard.

fried - over hard


sunny side up

Damn..I have the same problem!

You don't want "over easy" at all! You want "over hard, break the yolk." Over easy means an egg flipped as soon as the bottom congeals with the yolk intact and cooked just long enough not to have runny whites on the other side.

Never be afraid just to say how you want it cooked, just as you described , fried through and the yolk broken. You don't need a secret code to get food the way you want it, just describe it accurately. People are different, and just because others like over easy is no reason why you have to have them the same way.

fried eggs:
Sunny side up = cooked on one side
Over easy = cooked on one side then flipped and cooked on the other.
Over easy hard = cooked on both sides with until the yolk gets hard. Tell the waiter to break the yolk if you want to be sure it's cooked completely.

That is called over -hard.Meaning the egg yolk will be cooked hard,not liquid.

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