What side dishes go best with lasagna?!


What side dishes go best with lasagna?

Lasagna is a hearty dish in general, so not much else is needed, but I want to have sides to go with it- besides salad. Also, what kind of bread? This is my very first lasagna and the recipe looks good and was highly rated at allrecipes.com. Do you have any tips/secrets? Wish me luck!

A crusty french bread or garlic bread.
You can also do breadsticks, buy premade, heat them in your oven and brush with garlic butter.

Let's count how many people say "salad" because they don't read your entire question!!

Ok, Wolfman, I've counted 3, so far, not too darn bad today!

Beer much Beer Good Luck

A nice green salad.... don;t think bread is needed.. lots of carbs in the pasta, however garlic bread is always good!

Some sauteed rappini or spinach would be good, and some nice crusty bread.

I would serve it with a side of fresh broccoli, asparagus or spinach. For the bread, I would get a fresh loaf of Italian bread and make toasted garlic bread.

Roasted asparagus drizzled with EVOO and parmesan.
I sometimes put peas in the lasagna for a veggie.
Whilted arugula with a balsamic vinegrette.

Baked Italian bread with a bit of butter and garlic powder.

A rustic italian bread, like an olive oil bread might go well. But, frankly, bread may not be necessary since the pasta is already starchy. Oh, and, IMHO, italian breads should always be used for garlic bread. It gives such a nice texture.

But, as far as a side dish goes, I would go with a crispy green veggie such as blanched green beans with just a little browned butter, salt & pepper drizzled on it. Or greenbeans simply roasted with a little olive oil, lemon juice, thyme and salt & pepper, but not overcooked so they are still just a little crunchy.

Go with BlueSea's advice, crusty garlic bread.

I'm going to come back to see how many people do put "salad," besides me and BlueSea.

When I cook lasagna I do vegetables, like sugar snap peas and broccoli and carrots or corn.Also you could make french bread and make your own garlic and rosemary butter.

A nice garden salad and a loaf of crusty bread....YUM!

My suggestion is, invite me to dinner! (ha).

I really like this dressing. You might try it for your salad.
Sweet Honey Dressing
Rachael Ray's bottom-of-the-jar recipes.
1 tablespoon honey
2 tablespoons white wine vinegar
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil (EVOO)
2 sprigs fresh dill, chopped
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Combine veggies in a salad bowl. The dressing can be made in a small bowl and whisked together, or, if your jar of honey is almost empty, make it in the jar itself and give it a few really good shakes to mix it. Pour the dressing over the veggies and toss to combine.

Also for the bread I use McCormick Parmesan Herb seasoning. You mix it with melted butter and brush it on slices of French Bread. I bake it not broil like it says.

Since lasagna is a complicated main dish, I would serve a very simple side dish with it. I hate to be overwhelmed by sauces. I suggest steamed broccoli or other vegetables. Definitely use garlic bread to go with it. A simple bread, nothing too hearty.

Garlic bread.

Lasagna is a very hearty meal, you really don't need any sides. Perhaps a side of extra sauce. I know you don't want salad, but people generally eat salad because it's really light. Perhaps some sauteed broccoli rabe or roasted zucchini. Especially if you are having bread with it. Many people like garlic bread with lasagna, but all that extra butter will add another rich thing to your meal. I like to make my garlic bread with thin slices of crusty bread with olive oil, salt and pepper. Broil or even better grill it until it's golden bron on one side. Then flip it, and add a little more olive oil and thinly sliced garlic. Again just let it brown. If you slice the garlic thin enough it will just get really sweet and yummy.

As for the lasagna, make sure you get enough sauce in it. Don't add the mozz to the top until the last 10 minutes of cooking. And finally, let the lasagna cool for about 10 minutes before you cut it. Then you will get a solid piece.

Good Luck with your lasagna.

Sauteed mushrooms, crusty bread to soak up the juices, or just some nice Mozzarella and olives, because Lasagna is a filling dish, and it looks like you've already decided on salad which is the obvious. Enjoy it's one of my favorite meals.

I like to add a layer of fresh(not sauteed) spinach and then one of fresh basil when i am putting it together. Dont forget the Garlic bread! let a stick of butter soften and then add fresh chopped garlic(it can never be too much, lol) whip it a bit then spread on your favorite bread and bake. Enjoy!

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