What does black bear meat taste like?!


What does black bear meat taste like?

A friend gave me a package of frozen meat labeled "bear meat" but when I cooked it in a crock pot it looked and even tasted like beef.

It's going to taste and look like beef. The biggest difference is that bear meat is a lot greasier and has a lot more fat than beef.


It probably tastes like white bear meat, but darker.

You've given me an immense carnivorous lust for red meat, grrrr...

Like Raccoon

Well, it tastes meaty for sure, but also its kind of dry. Umm...If it was used in like a mixture of food it would taste sour.(only if the other half of the mixture contained acid, like citric)

the one that was served to me by a friend had a strong smell of urine. tasted like stew (that was how it was cooked) but the texture of the meat was unlike anything i have ever encountered. i guess if you stretched the grains in lamb it would be the same, not really sure

It tastes like chicken and watermelon.

Depends a lot on what the the bear itself has been eating.. If it's been eating lots of berries and other greenery, it makes sense that it would taste more like beef.

If it's been eating other animals, it's going to taste..."different." Typically, "different" is characterized as NASTY with a capital Nyah...

That "difference" is nature's way of saying "Don't eat things that eat other land-dwellers, you land-dweller.. That's how diseases spread."

Mad cow is a good example of that kind of disease pathology, given that we humans started becoming diseased when we began feeding ground up cows to cows, and then ate them.

I have eaten black bear meat and it was disgusting I bet your friend is trying to fool you.

liasophi is correct. Bear does have a basic beef taste & texture but it IS greasier. It also tastes gamey, wild...It's hard to describe. I like bear sausage & I have used bear meat in stew. I'm not a huge fan of it, but it's not disgusting when the meat is cured & cooked correctly...

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