Do they bleach eggs before they sell them?!


Do they bleach eggs before they sell them?

Fresh eggs are a variety of colors. So where do they get all the white eggs?

Cooking the egg or egg-containing food product to an internal temperature of at least 145 F (63 C) kills the bacteria. Foods containing raw eggs, such as homemade ice cream, cake batter, mayonnaise, and eggnog, carry a Salmonella risk, but their commercial counterparts don't. Commercial products are made with pasteurized eggs; that is, eggs that have been heated sufficiently to kill bacteria, and also may contain an acidifying agent that kills the bacteria. Commercial preparations of cookie dough are not a food hazard.

If you want to sample homemade dough or batter or eat other foods with raw-egg-containing products, consider substituting pasteurized eggs for raw eggs. Pasteurized eggs are usually sold in the grocer's refrigerated dairy case.

Some other tips to ensure egg safety:

Buy only refrigerated eggs, and keep them refrigerated until you are ready to cook and serve them.

Cook eggs thoroughly until both the yolk and white are firm, not runny, and scramble until there is no visible liquid egg.

Cook pasta dishes and stuffings that contain eggs thoroughly.


Egg color is characteristic of the breed of chicken producing the egg. The genetic background of the hen (the hen’s “mother and father”) determines the inherited egg color produced. Egg color or pigment is secreted and applied to the final layers of the eggshell by the hen. The location of this pigment in the outer layer can be demonstrated by an experiment with a brown egg. The egg’s color can be removed by soaking a brown egg in vinegar, which dissolves the outer layer of the shell.
Generally, the color of the chicken’s earlobe accurately predicts the color of egg the hen will produce. Hens with white earlobes produce white eggs while hens with red earlobes produce brown eggs. Currently we are unaware of a book that displays pictures of eggs from different breeds of chickens. However, there is an excellent book that details and pictures the size and color of hundreds of species of birds.

Nope dont bleach them. Its the breed of chicken that determines the color.

No. The color of the egg comes from the breed of chicken that laid the egg.

No...they don't bleach Egg's before they sell them! Your standard White Egg's come from Chickens' such as Leghorns,while your Brown Egg's...usually come from Chickens like Rhode Island Reds! They usually wash them up on a Conveyor system...before placing them in Carton's for Market!

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