What does "shrimp 16/20" and "shrimp 21/25" mean?!


What does "shrimp 16/20" and "shrimp 21/25" mean?

i'm looking at a restaurant inventory listing, and i was just curious.

it means how many pieces you are getting per pound.

16/20-between 16-20 pieces of shrimp per pound

Its the shrimp size or qty per pound so a 16/20 means youll get 16 to 20 per pound.

yep...the chef is correct

Those numbers are the number of shrimp per pound - 16 -20 shrimp per pound , 21-25 shrimp per pound.

These are "audibles" used by NFL Quarterbacks to change the play called in the huddle at the line of scrimmage...

"shrimp 16/20" is an off tackle running play, and

"shrimp 21/25" is a quick slant pass route for the slot back.

Hope this helped and "Go Ravens!!!"

It means how many shrimp to a pound,
16/20 or 21/25. The larger the shrimp the fewer the count.

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