Where can I buy individual packets of salad dressing?!


Where can I buy individual packets of salad dressing?

you know, like the ones at mc donalds and wendys- is there a place I can buy them besides online? I need them sooner than that...

Try Gordon's Food Service or Sysco.

Sam's, BJ's, and other wholesale stores that sell to restaurants.

Besides what the first person said, if you know anyone in the food industry, they might be able to order some for you from a company like Sysco.

Look in the phone book for a small wholesaler that sells to gas stations small bars that don't have full kitchens and see if they will sell to the public.

You can probably buy them from McDonald's or Wendy's just ask....They will probably sell them to you for about a quarter a piece...I know a local sub shop that does it...
This way you will not have to buy a case from a distributor!

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