How to be a healthy Veg*n?!

Question: How to be a healthy Veg*n?
Well I've been vegetarian for a year and 2 months... Just this week the doctor took me off dairy to see if I'm lactose intolerant which could be why I'm having such severe stomach problems (basically for the last year I've had heartburn that causes me to throw up after almost all meals, scaring me into not eating because it hurts too much)
So it's only been 2 days, and Im trying to start eating Healthy again, and seeing if dairy was the problem. Anyways I'm considering becoming vegan since all I really have to give up is eggs, which is easy enough... How do I retrain myself to start eating healthy and making healthy meals? Like I said, for the past year I've barely eaten anything because I'm scared I'll get sick, but I want to be a healthy vegan. How did YOU "train" yourself to get in the kitchen and start making healthy meals?
And what are some good meals I can make... I can't have anything spicy because I'm still too scared it will make me sick, but I want to at least try some other foods again


Read "Get Healthy Now", by Gary Null.
Don't leave out grains and legumes (beans), root vegetables are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals (beets, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc.).
Go to your local health or natural food store, lots of info, and get some dried seaweed, it's loaded with vitamins and minerals, ask them how to use it.
Lots of substitutes for meat eaters, soy comes in a variety of ways, vanilla soy milk is a great substitute for cows milk. Spagetti squash is a great substitute when making a vegy spagetti.
Go to:

Welcome to a healthy lifestyle.

Beans for protein instead of meat, eat your fruits, work out, have featballs and fake meat.

My algebra teachers a proud vegan

Eat healthy. Meat is murder. Eggs are chicken periods. Milk is pus.

You just gotta make sure you're getting full protein. You'll need to mix different kinds of beans.

dude, are you sure you wanna give up eggs?
think of all the cake ur missing...

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