Eating meat after 1 year of veganism?!

Question: Eating meat after 1 year of veganism?
NO I am not vegan for ethical purposes so please do not send the PETA police after me. Please do not lecture me on my values, etc.

Okay. So I am going to be in a situation where I will be eating meat and other such animal products for 3 days (however, I will remain lactose free). Of course, I will be eating the vegan options if there are any available, but if there are no vegan options available for me than I do not have a moral issue with eating the meat. Anyway, I didn't think about it but now I'm a bit nervous........will I get sick? I'm expecting to eat a steak one night and eggs for breakfast for 2 mornings. Every other meal may have a vegan option. Will I get sick? I've been vegan for 1 year.


It all depends on your body. Every body responds differently to a drastic change like this!

Some folks who become non-vegan after being vegan for a while become violently ill. Others suffer no ill effects. I don't know if there is a widely accepted explanation for the difference. Some people postulate that your digestive enzymes change, so I would definitely bring some enzymes on the trip if I were you! Start taking them with meals a couple days before your trip to give your system the support it needs.

I am a vegan now, and I was a vegetarian for about 9 years as a teen and young adult. But I did eat meat and other animal products for some of the years in between. When I decided to stop being a vegetarian in my twenties, I had no ill effects. Granted, going from ovo-lacto back to omni is not as drastic a change as going from vegan to omni all at once. But some people have no digestive problems with the change.

That being said, I don't recommend going right into steak! Beef is hard to digest, and you may end up with digestive trouble just from that. If fish is an option that night instead, it is far easier to digest than beef. Or simply skip the meat and stick to the side dishes. Eggs will be much, much easier to digest! But do make sure they're not cooked with milk or butter, which could give you a whole other set of digestive troubles.

Good luck on your trip!

You'll be fine, but my question is why are you going to eat meat? If you have no problem with meat then why did you become a vegan in the first place?

no just start off slow to get use to it.

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