Is there a reason why most vegans switch back to being a vegetarian or an omnivore?!

Question: Is there a reason why most vegans switch back to being a vegetarian or an omnivore?
Natalie Portman quit the vegan lifestyle, is it just to hard? Or maybe its just unnatural? What do you think? Do people lack will power?


Possibly for the same reasons many people take up vegetarianism as a teen then give it up months or a couple of years later. Because they're not in it for the long haul or their reasons aren't strong enough for them. Its certainly not difficult unless you want to make it difficult.

Hi. I am not sure. I have been vegetarian for two years and since then I have had no desire to go back to eating meat. Perhaps she was finding the lifestyle too difficult, as the diet requires a lot of planning because it is important that all of the vital nutrients are included. I have read a few links about Natalie Portman's reason for quitting and she has stated that it is because she is experiencing cravings due to being pregnant. I have not been pregnant so I don't know how it feels to have such a strong craving however I know that every one is different and if it feels right for her to consume dairy products, then that is her choice. I do not think it is a point of the vegan diet being unnatural, as that is an ironic statement since the vegan diet is about as natural as you can get.

What is with your fascination with veganism?

And can you please cite your sources for "most vegans switch back to being a vegetarian or omnivore." I would hope you're not basing this on the number of teenagers who "veganize" their diet and lifestyle to keep up with the latest trend. The ones who come here to ask questions such as "am I still vegan if I eat a little bit of meat?" or "what do I tell everyone about being vegan?" fall in this category. Those who embark on the vegan lifestyle/diet without prior research on nutrition will reap the whirlwind. Those who have more compelling reasons to be vegan will not fall off the bandwagon like Natalie Portman did to satisfy a temporary craving.

Where are you getting your statistics?

Also, is using proper grammar too hard? (Is it) Unnatural (that is, using proper grammar)? Do you lack the will power to utilize what you learned in elementary school?

[Edit] Woah, dude, chill out. I know you spelled unnatural correctly. You used the wrong "too." You typed "to."


There is no answer to your question.

Do most vegans switch back? Where did you get your statistics that over half of all vegans switch back?

I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but I feel you're incorrect in your question. You've based it on an opinion, which would be fine, except you are misrepresenting an entire group of people.

it's definitely not 'unnatural' to be 'vegan.'

what keeps me from buying commercialized dairy is how badly they treat the animals, and that buying dairy is just like buying meat since the money goes to them anyway!

but uhm, 'will power' does play a big role in this.

Natalie Portman is also pregnant. I think her cravings got the better of her. I do think she'll go back to it after the baby is born though.

Natalie Portman is pregnant and pregnant women like to eat. They crave all kinds of weird foods when they're pregnant. I don't know about other people though.

Fad vegans don't last.

Deer Hunter's life:

"Me hungry. Me go hunt deer."

"Me cranky. Me go on V&V tell vegan I hunt deer."

Do you do anything else with your life? Not much to do in "middle of nowhere" Illinois, huh?

Sulu just "pwned" you. I know you hid her answer with a thumb down, but click it and see what she replied to you.

health reasons

vegans are outrageous with the way they chose to eat. it just isnt healthy. you need someof those things that you cant have being a vegan.....protien your lacking so much,,,it can really hurt your body

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