Is USDA a good judge of organic products?!

Question: Is USDA a good judge of organic products?
Can we trust them? In the end, we can really only trust ourselves, of course, but in your experience, has USDA proven true in their goals?


A little
Big Dairy, Corn, Soy, Junk food industry, and the Beef industry have Big Lobbies in Washington just like Big Pharma. The industries and its cronies the FDA, USDA, and legislators in Congress influence legislation that protects only their commercial interest. If you don't believe it folks, take a few steps and follow the money trail!

For example: Some of the "experts" who helped create the pyramid actually work for the dairy industry, which makes the US Department of Agriculture's recommendations reflect industry interests, not science or our best interests. There is a whole food group on the USDA food pyramid that is dedicated solely to dairy. 3 serving of milk a day!! Why is red meat and dairy more represented in the pyramid than fruits and veggies?…
We live in a capitalistic society. Organizations, agencies, etc. don't consider nutritional science the most when getting kickbacks for marketing food and drug companies' products matter more.

There are hundreds of clinical studies (both short-term, long term, randomized controlled, meta analysis, etc) to back up the evidence that dairy and too much red meat is bad for your health. None of this hits the mainstream media.News media do regulate public affairs within a political unit!! Why? Corporate censorship. Censorship also occurs in academia and in religious institutions.

Bottom line: This is really a matter of politics. FOX news has republican agenda; CBS doesn't have a conservative agenda!! Ever heard of "social relations involving authority or power?"

The USDA is only for the protection of the agricultural community - they don't really care about the consumers. Karina is right. Try to find some other stamp of approval of "this is organic" on the product you're buying.

I guess you could say that the USDA has proven true in their goals - just like Hitler did.

I'm sure the USDA is a much better judge of organic products than any one person on here.
The USDA is who certifies farms and products organic. For something to become certified organic it must follow extremly strict regulations and constant inspections from USDA inspectors.

The USDA is a corrupt government organization, just like the FDA. The USDA is all about profit. Research products yourself and judge for yourself if something is good or not.

vegan :D

I blindly trust them. I'm not really that picky.


It all depends on who is putting money in their pockets.


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