what foods have animal products even through there's no meat?!

Question: What foods have animal products even through there's no meat?
im a vegitarian so id like to be fully aware so that i dont eat anything with animal products


Don't try to avoid all meat by-products unless you're willing to give up processed foods or call each company. It doesn't make a difference because as long as you give up meat (and dairy and eggs, if you care enough), you're doing your part to end the sale of meat. (If everyone gave up meat, they would not slaughter animals just for the by-products; they would move onto other, artificial or plant based ingredients.) If you agree with that, then use PETA's list to see what IS safe (if it's not on there, it probably has animals in it unfortunately): http://www.peta.org/living/vegetarian-li… Personally I go by this rule, although I try not to eat processed too much, and I'm vegan.

If you are asking because you personally feel icky eating animal products and you really want to eliminate them, use a list of animal-derived ingredients like this one: http://www.happycow.net/health-animal-in… but if it says natural flavors, you have to call the company and ask if they come from animals or not.

Good luck! :)

Read labels. It will be animal fat for the most and bullion powder and eggs/ egg powder that is added.

Cook yourself, and you will be safe. Stay away from mixes and ready made shortcuts and enjoy the natural flavors you as a vegetarian is looking for.

if you don't want to eat animal products, (and are against fur, leather, and animal testing) than you are Vegan. Go read some books about it. It's a lot better if you find your own facts (check them) there is a lot of false information out there.

If it says vegetarian or vegan on the label, then there are no animal products in it.

any product that is certified kosher dairy or kosher Pareve have no meat in them (and there are thousands of certified kosher products)

it's mostly Gelatin and Carmine


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