Vegetarians/Vegans/Omnivores: Is there something you want to do before you die?!

Question: Vegetarians/Vegans/Omnivores: Is there something you want to do before you die?
Is there a certain place you want to visit or sights you want to see? Or is it more of a goal oriented dream?

I want to go to Borneo and observe Orangutan behaviour, and I want to go to Africa and help build a school as well as clean water wells and see an elephant. I would also like to write a book, and swim with an ambassador dolphin in the wild, not captivity. What about you guys?


Nothing in particular. I take it as they come. Travel is a consequence of what I do and sightseeing is a perk.
I have seen both wild and reserved orangutans in Borneo and elsewhere. I have seen both Asian and African elephants. Even got to ride one in Thailand and Cambodia. Did not build a school in Africa but helped build and endowed three local schools near my farm. And yes swam with ambassador dolphins in Hawaii.

Maybe I would want to meet some folks I've read about and discuss a few issues with them over a nice dinner.

I'd love to travel to see rare animals; especially the penguins, sea lions, and many, separate species of iguanas on the Galapagos islands.

I'd also love to sea a lion in real life, from the wild.

And since I'm determined to become a veterinarian, I would LOVE to help mother animals give birth. It's just precious, it is truly the best thing and life. (I think animal babies are at least a trillion times better than human babies)
hahaha :)

Cool question, thanks for asking...

I'd like to become a rich and famous artist. I'm a local celebrity now, but I want more people to know about me and what I'm about. My favorite subject to paint is animals. Through painting them with love I want to open people's eyes about the full spectrum of emotions they really do have.


I want to see the world, help as many humans and animals as possible, write a book, write music and perform it for people, open a restaurant/store of some kind, go on an archaeological dig, and be happy, loving, and forgiving.

I would love to travel. Maybe to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon or perhaps Fiji, Cambodia. For the past few years I have been fascinated by Taketomi, Japan. I definitely want to visit Costa Rica, perhaps help around on a farm. So many places, not enough money!

I want to write and publish a book or two. I also want to finish my screenplay and hopefully sell it.

I would like to see more of the world. For example, I'd like to kayak down the Mekong River.

Two chicks at the same time.

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