i love to eat burgers?!

Question: I love to eat burgers?

Then you're in heaven, cause theres way more burger types veggie patties than there is for meat. Lentils, corn, grilled veggies, nuts, falafel... and mannny mannny more.

Have fun exploring.

Well i guess it depends how busy your life is and how committed a vegetarian you are as to what you should do. If you don't have a lot of time then buy something ready made like a vegetarian pattie and then cook and add to a bread roll with salad ingredients or find a really good vegetarian restaurant that sells vegetarian burgers and eat that.

Otherwise buy some good vegetarian books on making vegetarian burgers - some people make them with nuts and others use beans. If you do this way you might want to make up a dozen or so and freeze them so you can quickly heat them at a later time.

You could always ask macca's website if they are planning on trialing any vegetarian burgers too

Have a veggie burger instead. Quorn burgers taste just like real meat and Linda mc cartney burgers do too. Also frys does some good meat substitutte burgers too and so do many supermarkets.
You can also by bean burgers, mushroom burgers and roast veg burgers.
Otherwise just have a cheese burger using a veggie cheese like mozzerella or halloumi

veggie all my life

Yeah, I love veggie burgers, too. A few days ago, I made the Mediterranean veggie burgers featured in the July/August 2010 issue of Vegetarian Times. My friends and I love these tasty veggie burgers! Here's the recipe: http://www.vegetariantimes.com/recipes/1…

My cousin is addicted to veggie burgers.

I liked Gardenburgers and Boca burgers before I quit eating meat-what does that signify?

I love to eat out exsft's wife's pussy, because I love junk food.

Is it a question ? or you are suggesting to eat burgers.
well any ways if you love to eat burgers then. GO ON ........

Must suck to be you, then.


I hate it when my hair gets greasy.

that's not even a question.

I'm a female Caucasian

I like carrots

Sorry, are you asking us or telling us?

then you're not a veg....

I like rainbows

I had a turtle once

so what is your question?

Then you should eat more burgers. Vegetarians are fat.

I love my kids, my wife the rest of my family and my dogs in that order...

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