What should you wear for petas cutest vegetarian photo contest?!

Question: What should you wear for petas cutest vegetarian photo contest?
Well, i mean, professional? headshots? Regular point and shoot shots? Shots with your pets? And do they prefer vegans to vegetarians? Are people more likely to vote for caucasians than indian, aboriginal, jamaican black, or asian?


Knowing PETA they want a straight white girl with a "cute body" and lots of showing. They aren't vegans themselves and many of their spokespeople eat meat or wear leather or wool or do something to exploit animals in their lives and PETA themselves does it on various levels. They want "sexy" because they love exploiting womyn, as well as animals, people of color, and queer and trans folk.

This is a great vegan blog that not only combats speciesism but classism, sexism, homophobia, hetero-sexism and transphobia amongst other topics. They have some great info on PETA.

This is from a no kill group:

petakillsanimals dot com is run by a tobacco and big "food" lobbyist front group that has a mission of attacking and harrassing various animal rights/animal liberation groups as well as welfarist groups like PETA and HSUSeless.

This is about PETA's continued support of Pit Bull bans and also links to giving awards to NYPD and honoring slaughterhouse designers:

PETA in their own magazine recently was promoting their victory of Controlled Atmosphere Killing, which is basically a chicken gas chamber the same sort of violence used against my fellow Jews and queers and other folks back in WW2 by the Nazis. They consider it a good thing that companies like KFC are in a way following in the footsteps of what the Nazis did and they are proud they were responsible.

Their VP Bruce Friedrich was supporting the work of Michael Pollan, a hypocrite and a proud hater and exploiter of animals who is well respected in "loco locavore" circles because of the B.S. he writes. (Locavore means eating local whatever or whomever and if it isn't local then get the best imported stuff, also something about food miles which is complete B.S.) He was at a party of almost all AR folks and everyone was abuzz about his love for Michael and "humane" meat and other B.S.
Info on Michael and Locavorism:

I could probably go on with other articles from AR/vegan groups and folks but I think this paints a pretty good picture and not from the right wing or people opposed to animal rights or veganism but from those who are vegans and animal rights folk.

I do think PETA is extremist but in the opposite direction of what everyone else thinks. They are extremist against animals not for animals as they should be and they are honestly only in this game for themselves. Back when they first started out PETA was really really awesome and did some great actions for animals but then they got bigger and bigger and caring about animals became less of an issue and they have just been so evil towards animals it is hard to even respect their old work seeing how they turned out.

vegan because animals are not property

Wear a meat dress.

Just to piss PETA off.

I'm a vegetarian who really, really hate PETA, hence my answer.

Full body shots with your pets strategically placed over your boobs and pelvic area.

A bikini made of bacon. A bacon-ee.

Bleh. It's a gross, sexist contest. I loathe PETA. Do what you want, though.

Dress up like a fanatic criminal.

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