Raw vegan in college HELP?!

Question: Raw vegan in college HELP?
So, I am a raw/mostly raw vegan, and am verryyy picky about making sure what i eat TASTES good.
If i dont like it, its not worth eating.
Ofcourse, when it comes to fruits and vegetables, how can you go rawng? (lol)... BUT, i am going to college, and apparently we are not allowed to have dehydrators, mixers, or blenders.
we are also not allowed to have any heating devices (microwaves and the like). that is not so much a problem for me as the blender/dehydrator.
a lot of what i eat, and i mean A LOT of what i eat comes out of that beautiful little magic bullet i have neatly tucked away.. for green drinks, getting in that yummy spinach in a morning smoothie..
a variety of things i eat need to be blended before i can make them meal-able.

i AM however allowed to bring a fridge/freezer.. how do i get by?

the cafeteria serves fresh fruit (probably three different kinds.. apples oranges and bananas....)
and a "salad bar"... but who can be trusted when its a public salad bar for a dorm full of dirty teenagers? lol..
How do i survive :/


You can't have a microwave? How the hell do they expect you to even heat food up? yea you could use an oven I suppose, but...I dont see the point in why you can't have a microwave or a blender. its not like your going to try to Nuke your friend as a practical joke?

I applaud you for being a Raw Vegan. Wish you the best, I only wish the best to those who ARE the best (best by being a Vegan :)

I agree with Steve, it sounds like a very good idea.
Perhaps you could talk to somebody who works there, and present the problem and refrigerator idea for you. I mean, not the blender, though, that single one would seem a little silly to them (I'm not calling it that, I'm raw too and totally get your issue).

Just bring your blender and dehydrator to your room.
Who's going to know?

the best thing you might have to do is go off campus to eat

I would seriously double check the blender rule. I can't believe it isn't allowed unless it is a noise issue or some sort of safety violation because of the blades. Dehydrator has heat and takes a long time so I bet they figure it will be used unattended...and would likely consider that a fire hazard. If you cannot use a dehydrator at school, you could always leave it at home, and ask your mom to send you care packages, or dry large batches of food for yourself while you are home on visits. You can also BUY a great deal of that stuff at your grocery store instead of drying it yourself.

You can always ask for special permission to bring these items based on your situation. You never know.

When I went to college, if you lived in the dorm you had to purchase a meal plan...again a way to make sure everyone had access to food without a lot of in-room cooking by people who can be clueless. But microwaves and small cooking gear was allowed (if you could make space for it) and there were kitchenettes on every floor and you could check out gear if you needed pans and such. (They were gross and poorly cared for.)

Also take heart if you have a meal plan, you will find pretty good selection at the dining hall. Maybe not the kind of selection you really want, but more than three fruits, and usually the salad bars are kept pretty clean and have a nice variety. And if you have concerns or requests based on your dietary needs, you can always schedule a meeting with the cafeteria manager. Most of them are pretty compassionate knowing you have pre-paid to eat there and can't afford to eat a lot of different places. They want to help you get your needs met, and if you have a medically verified diet issue, they HAVE to make certain options available to you.

I went to college, and also worked in my college dining center.

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