Am I wrong for calling my self a vegetarian???!?!?!

Question: Am I wrong for calling my self a vegetarian???!?!?
I am a pescatarian and I know that I am not a vegetarian. but when I tell people that I am a pescaterian they often dont know what it is and when I tell them, I dont eat meat apart from fish they just see me as a vegetarian anyway. and I have told people that I am a pescatarian and most people just get that confused took on their faces so in the end I just ended up telling people I am just vegetarian to stop any confusion.
Am I wrong, how do the real veggies out there feel about this?


I tell people im a vegetarian who eats fish, just becuase people never seem to know what a pescatarian is :) so no youre not wrong, i think most veggies out there are actually pescaterians :D

I agree with Squishy on this. While I am not vegetarian, I have many friends who are. One time I was at a pot luck where a "vegetarian" said she would cook the main dish for the vegetarians. 2 of the vegetarians ate few bite and asked her if she was certain the dish was vegetarian. She kept insisting it was just her broccoli and rice casserole. The husband (in the vegetarian couple that had eaten a couple o bites) ate a few more and questioned her again. He finally asked her to name everything in it. Turns out it was a tuna and broccoli casserole. She kept insisting that tuna was vegetarian because in her words "of course vegetarians eat tuna. hat is how they get protein"

On a sad side note, I will soon be posting asking for vegetarain comfort food recipes that travel well. The husband mentioned above recently passed away and I will be traveling 2.5 hrs to his memorial service.

Why not just say ''I eat fish but not any other meat''. Then people instantly know what you do and don't eat, without you having to say a label that they probably won't understand anyway - many many people don't know what ''vegetarian'' means, nevermind ''pescetarian'' .
If you say you're vegetarian, its just going to confuse people and make them think that vegetarians eat fish, when, as you know, they don't.

Yep. Just as Vegetarians can't call them vegans and a person eating fish and chicken calls himself a pescatarian. Just as people would get confused about vegans, it will take them time to understand this category of pescatarians. Call yourself a pescatarian and stick with it. No vegetarians accept you as one.

It is kinda of irritating TBH because then people do get the impression that vegetarians eat fish, which can lead to problems for the rest of us. Why don't you just say "I don't eat meat" instead because most people do not class fish as meat (though vegetarians would).

Im a vegan and before I was vegetarian for 3 years, and I ate fish because my parents cook it a lot and sometimes theres nothing else to eat. I say call yourself vegetarian, just be prepared to explain yourself if someone sees you eating fish.

I do feel strongly that vegetarians don't eat any meat at all. No fish, no chicken, no meat. I often get people asking me if I eat fish and I tell them no, that's a pescatarian ad it does confuse people I just have to explain it.

Their is nothing wrong with calling yourself a vegetarian nothing wrong no worries about it c:

Boca burgers are amazing!

Honestly who cares what you call yourself? And no you are not wrong.

Who cares what you call yourself, it's up to you.

Yes the only right way is to be vegan.

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