Somewhere in or around Melbourne that sells Agar-agar.?!

Question: Somewhere in or around Melbourne that sells Agar-agar.?
I'm looking for somewhere in or around Melbourne that sells Agar-agar (also known as kanten, China grass, or Japanese isinglass).
I have found one seller but they only sell in bulk.


I have seen it at the asian grocer on the corner of elizabeth and victoria sts across from Vic Market. Also there is an Asian grocer in Melbourne central just near Coles that may have it. I think Vincent's vegetarian grocer in Footscray has it, if not there are many grocers there I'm sure you'll find it. Same deal with box hill, and springvale. Lots of grocers in those suburbs to try.

happy little melbournite

Go to asian grocery stores that cater to most group of asians - i think boxhill is good because they sell alot of malaysian stuff.

Unless im looking at the wrong thing.. Can't you find it in chinese grocery shops?

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