what r some good ways to change your ice cream?!

Question: What r some good ways to change your ice cream?
i am sick of the same ice cream to-oping


BUnrt sugar- boil some sugar in a pan, with butter, and get it melting and caramelly- then pour over the ice cream in very thin strands- it's like caramel threads.
Melt a Cadbury's creme egg and pout over ice cream.

Saute bananas in brown sugar and cook til they're caramelly.
Pour over some condensed milk and coco powder.

Banana ice cream!

Freeze some bananas, and then blend them in a high speed blender (Vitamix, Blendtec) or put them through a Champion juicer with the blank plate. Soft serve ice cream! High carb, low fat, yummy as heck! You can flavor it with frozen berries or any other fruit if you want to.

buy new ice cream . . . cost the same.

Try new flavor.

go to the store and buy different ones. lawlz.

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