On a scale of 1-10 how awful would this be?!

Question: On a scale of 1-10 how awful would this be?
Okay, so im a vegetarian, and i reaallly want a strawberry milkshake right now, specifically the one from mcdonalds...and i know obviously that theres no meat in a milkshake but mcdonalds is kind of an evil corp and i dont wanna support them, but i am really jonesing for that milkshake, and mcdonalds is the only place that makes that specific one..so honestly, i just want a general opinion of if it would really be that awful..thanks!


On a scale of awful that is somewhere between lady gaga and justin beiber

On a scale of one to ten?

McDonald's is just like any other business or corporation: they need to make revenue. Most large businesses are more prone to corruption, just take a look at some PETA scandals. Not saying PETA is horrible, not saying McDonalds is horrible, just saying they are both definitely not perfect. (almost) Nothing is so one-sided.

Best way to make sure you don't compromise your morals? Make your own milkshake.(probably tastes better and is better for you anyways)

1. Freeze about 10 strawberries that have been washed, and sliced into at least quarters
2. After the berries are fully frozen, blend them as finely as you can in the blender, adding a splash of milk if needed.
3. Add about 1/4 a cup of strawberry ice cream (premium is best) and finish blending

This recipe isn't perfect, but it's a start. Change it to suit your taste, and you might just love it since you personalized it yourself.

2. I'd say one but you obviously are supporting them in a way so that gave it a 1Up! If you're still feeling guilty about it learn how to make a milkshake on your own and get enough supplies needed to make one. It may cost more but in the end you'll gain something, knowledge on how to make a milkshake and more stuff needed to make them.

i think it depends on how you feel about McDonald'ss it self if u hate the company then youshouldn'tt be buying from it and supporting it by giving them your money. but if u love your milkshake that much then u should buy one, i suppose u are not eating meet but it depends on how you feel, hope i have helped.

I'd also give it a -2-
Srsly, vegetarianism is a *choice*, right? So just choose to have the shake, forget the guilt and moralizing, McDonalds isn't going to kill another cow because of you. Have it, enjoy it and don't look back.

lmao i JUST had this problem earlier tonight with a strawberry milkshake, but i ended up giving into it. I just don't eat anything at mcdonalds that is made in beef broth or anything, but their shakes are my favorite

You can't miss something you never had, so if you're "jonesing" for a rich creamy taste strawberry milkshake then you've had it before why not have another.

Don't Macca's shakes (well, the soft serve anyway) have pig fat in them ?? Or is that just an urban myth ?

This is probaly the most random question I've read tonight. But no it's not awful.


I don't know

Nigel: These go to eleven.

Seriously though you should read this and reconsider your horrible choice, McDonalds is evil in everything they do:

Honestly I stopped eating their crap (I mean literal crap) even before I considered being vegetarian. Their stuff isn't really even food but basically cheap legal drugs that you can get in a legit way. While we are hooked on the junk and the drug pushers at the bottom are treated like crap those on the top are raking in your money hand over foot.

Plus that milkshake is literally murder and rape mixed with nasty chemicals and I highly doubt it is even vegetarian most things on their menu aren't even close.

Learn more about why I said the milkshake is literally murder and rape:

Here are some recipes for strawberry milkshakes without the cruelty and abuse and without supporting another evil corporation:

vegan because animals are not property

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