Vegeterian or not. PLEASE READ?!

Question: Vegeterian or not. PLEASE READ?
Okay, so I want to change. And Ive always wanted to become vegeterian but feel like Im not strong enough. I tested it out this week (which is hard because in my house we have meat at every meal) and i went for 6 days then ate meat. I feel bad but I almost don't know if I can do it. I dont know what I want anymore, or what my true feelings were. And because Im so confused I decided to stay away from meat if possible but if it comes to it then Id eat it. I really want to do this but Im scared, peole wonder why but it is a big change and difference in my life. How do I go with my moral instead of my mind (which is mentaly craving meat)
I want to do this so bad but I don't know what to eat that will satisfy me.
What if I get married, I dont like the idea of forcing my children to do what I do. I want them, to chose is this possible?
How do you do it.
Please share.


As someone else suggested, fake meat products are very useful for easing the transition into vegetarianism. There are veggie burgers, veggies "buffalo wings," veggie sausage links, etc. If you feel a craving for meat, heat up some of these, throw on some cheese and BBQ sauce, and you won't know the difference!

If I were you, I would avoid indulging the meat cravings with real meat. Like any other habit/addiction you want to break, a little taste of the forbidden brings the cravings back. Just take a deep breath, go for a walk, eat some fake meat, whatever you need to do, and the feeling will fade. I believe I read somewhere that the average craving lasts for 5 minutes--if you can distract yourself from it for 5 minutes, it will go away.

Best of luck!

p.s. Don't worry about your future children. Just educate them and give them a choice. That's all you can do as a parent, anyway.

You're over-thinking it. Look more into the vegetarian lifestyle and pick and choose things that work for you and slowly incorporate the lifestyle change . . the more you learn, the better armed you are for success. And when it comes to your children . . what you are saying is that you don't want to influence them? . . For cryin' out loud! . . isn't that part of parenting? . . or are you going to be one of those mothers who lets their children do whatever they want?

No problem with taking it slow at first. Go one week, and then eat some meat. Then go another week, or maybe a month. Then say two months, or only on special occasions. Eventually you will not want to deal with the inner conflict, or having to explain strange eating habits to people, and you will abstain altogether.

Why do you want to be a vegartarian?

Why be scared??
If you're that into eating meat, buy some Morningstar patties or buffalo wings- they're good and tasty.
They do vegetarian bacon too- it's good. I ate at the Seventh Day adventist cafe in the week ( they're vegetarians) and my god the food was incredible! Meat-free meat loaf, soyburgers made with spices and chewy texture, vegan bacon, all kinds of meat-like stuff.

There are so many meat free things- Amy's, Boc aburger, Morningstar etc. Loads of brands that sell them every where. I don't really eat that stuff unless someone's giving it to me- like I never buy it. But it's good enough, fatty like meat and full of juices.

It's not a big change really, I mean you eat cheese, bread , oatmeal, vegetables, soup, tofu, noodles, pasta alfredo, lasagna and fries and baked potato and peanut butter and banana sandwiches and pancakes, right? So why is going vegetarian such a big deal?
Personally speaking I don't see how it can be so huge- just eat the stuff you like- it's always the ketchup and condiments people like, not jst the meat.

Let's just say, if you just became a vegetarian or tried, then you're still going to crave meat for while. You still know the taste of real meats, which will take a while for you to adjust to after you become a vegetarian. I've been a vegetarian 5 years and more now, and I don't crave meat. It just takes time to adapt to not consuming meat.

About your children, that's up to you. This is the same way as people bringing up their children with their religions. I don't believe in forcing anything on anyone, especially beliefs, but sometimes your children adapt to what you're doing/believe too. If you don't mind your children eating meat as a vegetarian parent, then you'll have to buy the meat and prepare it for them. If you're a vegetarian, you might not like the idea of buying and preparing meat. It's all up to you though.

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