Why does Spinach have such a bad rap?!

Question: Why does Spinach have such a bad rap?
I've heard it's very high in protein and I love how it tastes.


I think conventionally grown spinach (read: NOT organic spinach) has a bad rep because of poor growing practices that have lead to outbreaks of e-coli and salmonella. Stick to Organic and wash your produce before consuming and all is good! Spinach is great for you :)

I didn't know spinach had a bad reputation? Like any other food, it has good points and bad points.

No, it's a vegetable and few of them are high in protein. Spinach is usually considered a good source of iron and calcium. The bad news is that it's also high in oxalates. Oxalates inhibit your body's ability to absorb iron and calcium. If you eat a lot of calcium, but your body doesn't absorb it, it tries to pass it out through the kidneys....sometimes leading to kidney stones.



there is actually two good answers.
1. it is high in oxalate acid that causes kidney stones if you eat 2 or 3servings a week you should be OK, but large quantities of any food can have bad side effects

2. the food scare with the Ecoli has put it on the endangered specifies for a long time. Personally not sure but I think that if you wash it good with the fruit wash it should be safe but the big recall not two long back did not help.
and then again some do not like the slick flavour when cooked.

I think it gets a good rep. I love it raw, sauteed, on pizza, in omelets, in sandwiches, in wraps, in Indian food, etc. It's delicious.

I agree with Deer Hunter. It makes a great salad with a warm bacon dressing also.


dunno abouit rap bet it has a bad rep cus ppl just started spreadin it round

you mean a bad rep but most people dont like the taste like me

Does it? News to me.

Full of iron too, very good for vegetarians.

She's right. I love it raw with Greek dressing, olives, and feta cheese

I don't know? I love it raw.

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