if vegetarians like animals so much, why do they eat their food?!

Question: If vegetarians like animals so much, why do they eat their food?

they think its good

I do not understand the question; vegetarians do not eat meat from animals, hence the name "vegetarian". If you are talking about eating fish or cheese or something, that is usually only not done by vegans, or in other words people who do not eat anything that comes from animals. Vegetarians are usually only people who do not eat red meats, like pork.

lots of animals actually eat other animals. so techincally they don't always eat their food.
furthermore, there are plenty of grains and vegetables to go around. it's easier to grow something than control the population, while sparing the death of animals.

Wow! So smart! So let me get this straight- vegetables, grains, fruits, seeds, nuts were put on this earth for ANIMALS TO EAT? That's the first I've heard of that! I guess I didn't realize we could survive solely on meat. Oh wait a minute, that's because we CAN'T!

If you mean products that come from animals such as milk and eggs, it's because you don't have to kill the animal to enjoy its labors!

Plant life is a great easily, renewable resource - the perfect food.

I don't eat grass, and the peas I eat I share. With vegetation, there's plenty to go around.

because they worship the animals so they eat them to show how much they care about them.

Shut it...vegetarianism is a really noble thing...

You sure are smart aren't you

You never learned to share did you?

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