What do vegans NOT eat?!

Question: What do vegans NOT eat?
I get they eat natural foods, like there veggies and fruits and stuff, but what are there restrictions? I know meat is one of them, but what else?


They don't eat food.

I keep telling my wife, "Vegetables are what food eats!" She doesn't listen.

OK! So much for the funnies!

Vegans eat everything but animals and animal products - and that includes dairy products like milk, cheese, eggs, etc. ...so the rule of thumb is simple; if it comes from an animal in any way, they don't eat it.

they don't always eat natural foods.

French fries, oreos, fried peanut butter banana sandwiches, pancakes with chocolate ( dark) and syrup,
hash browns, fried rice, churros, dark chocolate cake, waffles, chips- all vegan.

Vegans don't eat any meat, dairy, eggs or gelatin, rennet or anything from an animal. Anything made with animal stuff- fat, meat, dairy eggs skin, blood, honey, crushed insects, milk powder, cheese powder, milk solids , basically ANYTHING that comes off an animal is not OK for a vegan.

Veganism isn't synonymous with "natural"-
it means an abstentation from foods containing animal products.

Vegetarians are those who don't eat meat of any kind (including fish & gelatin) or foods containing them.

Vegans are vegetarians who also don't consume dairy, eggs, honey, or foods containing them.


And they don't eat anything containing any of these foods. For example, they don't eat many cakes since they're typically made of eggs or milk (or both).

No: meat, milk, eggs, animal products/by-products

Meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese.

nothing that came from animals- no milk, eggs, meat, etc.

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