The fish in japan is not safe to eat, but fish go all over the place. How do you know what is safe to eat?!

Question: The fish in japan is not safe to eat, but fish go all over the place. How do you know what is safe to eat?


I have been to the Orient many times and can tell you that mostly all the species they eat are indigenous to the area and don't leave. One species does, though, and that is Tuna. Tuna are migratory fish that swim a huge circle between Japan, Hawaii, Mexico, the West Coast and back to Japan again, following the warm currents. I fish for Tuna every year from San Diego for days at a time.

Here is why the Tuna is safe
It's not Tuna season now in Japan, they have already passed through. And even if it was Tuna season, their migratory path doesn't come within 100 miles of the Japan coast, sometimes, not within 200 miles. And even if we did come across a Tuna from Japan, the only organ that would come in contact with the water are the gills, and when is the last time you ate a gill?..........Enough said.

When I do have to shop for fish, and it isn't often as I have been catching my own for 30+ years. I shop from reputable sources and make sure that the country the fish was caught in is labeled on the package.

And finally we import less than 4% of our food from Japan, and 90% of that 4% is vegetables, so no need to worry about fish because the chances of it coming from Japan are slim at best.

Fisherman and world traveler for 30+ years

Wow. The U.S. Banned the import of fish from Japan since the recent nuclear disater. Fish don't swim all over the world because it would die. Do you know how big the Pacific ocean is. Only afew fish can manage to swim that fr.

Its always a safe bet to have a friend try a portion of the food and monitor them for possible food related issues

Shopping experience at Walmart (Dont get Cat food from Walmart, its a little dry)

I thought it was still safe to eat fish because the nuclear waste became so diluted in seawater it didn't make a difference.

depends on where you are the fish around the uk will not have travelled to japan and i think deep water fish will be outside the exclusion zone or ask your local mp/politician for more info

Don't eat any of it.

Find out if they speak with an accent.

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