Are homemade beans healthy ?!

Question: Are homemade beans healthy ?
I think its tasty, a lot of people hate beans but is it healthy if its homemade?


Absolutely! They are very nutritious. Also, you can cut down on the toot factor buy discarding the water that you soak them in. Your body will also get used to the extra fibre and eventually the gas produced is either less or your body is better able to handle it.

Of course healthy! They add salt or preservation to canned beans.
Beans are really healthy and rich in fiber and protein.
I boil about 1kg dried beans and keep them in fridge. Add them to soup and salad.
Add cumin to reduce the gas effect!

Beans are high in protein and fiber so I think that they are healthy. Some people might not like them but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy them.

As long as the ingredients you add are healthy, then yes. Beans are very healthy, and taste great!

If you buy the kind that come in bulk and boil/cook them at home? Yes, very healthy.

Beans are great!

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