Is being vegetarian healthy?!

Question: Is being vegetarian healthy?
I have taken to eating vegetarian for about a month now. Due to health reasons (I was having troubles digesting meat). I still eat dairy (fat free cheese, skim milk, fat free yogurt) but I do not eat eggs. So I was wondering how healthy do you feel it really is? I have read that you lack nutrients such as protein that you would get in a diet that includes meat. My feeling is that there are plenty of options containing nutrients such as beans. I eat around 1600 calories a day (as reccomended by my trainer) and work out. Just want some opinions on how healthy you feel it is or is not. Thanks, I will choose a best answer =)!


Some vegetarians are not healthy eaters-cheese and white bread sandwich? There really is a learning curve finding what you like. Some good vegetarian foods--lentils, brown rice, greek yogurt, spinach, whole grain pasta, fresh fruit, baby potatoes with the skin, green tea, steamed veggies, beans and tortillas, tempeh stir-fry, and just keep looking for variety in your diet instead of eating the same old things all the time. If your diet is varied, it will be much healthier.

Also, it really helps with cholesterol levels to be vegetarian.

If done properly, it can be perfectly healthy. Protein should be just about the least of your worries. It's one of the easiest nutrients to get even as a vegetarian or vegan, requires essentially no planning, and protein deficiency is virtually unheard of in the developed world. You can get every nutrient that your body needs from sources other than meat. Here's a good site about vegetarian nutrition:
You could also talk to a dietitian if you have any questions. Hope that helps :)

it can b very healthy jst has 2 b done rite


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