Do you have any suggestions for vegetarian burgers?!

Question: Do you have any suggestions for vegetarian burgers?
It seems like all the tofu burgers went off the market here. Do you have
suggestions on how to make a burger. I am looking for a permanent recipe
to freeze up in the freezer. I like beans, lentils, vegetables like that.
Not much carrots in it. All recipes are appreciated. I am going to
stick with one recipe only. Thanks, if you got recipe that you really
love put it up. It will save my life. I like good food.
I don't believe that I will like chickpea burgers. Unless you
think that I should give it a try. Thanks.
I would like a protein source with my meals for supper/dinner time.
i am talking about the fillings for a tofu soybean burger product.


Yes, many.…

- Mediterranean Lentil Burgers
- Black Bean Burgers
- Eggplant Veggie Burgers
- Yukon Gold Potato & White Bean Basil Burgers
- "Cheese" Stuffed Bean Burgers

... are all there and they're 100% vegan. Enjoy. :)

Mediterranean Lentil, black Bean Burgers, eggplant veggie burgers & white Bean Basil Burgers. Becareful with the amount of soy. Life foods like greens are the solution--not processed.

many, but none that can be printed...........

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