Anyone else eat really fast because they find eating boring?!

Question: Anyone else eat really fast because they find eating boring?
I know this may sound strange but I'm always told I eat too fast. The thing is, eating too me is something I have to do like a chore. So I just want to eat and get back to whatever I was doing.

Everyone seems to tell me this (maybe they find it rude) so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how I could change this.


No, I eat slowly and savour the flavour;

i do aswell, i find it impossible to stop, theres not really much you can do about it unless you concentrate when you eat on chewing slower

I share the same exact opinion too. Chew each bite 10x before swallowing. Most people chew only 5-8 times. Chewing less than 3x will often result in bloating and bad gas.

Hard experience

Not really. There are some foods that I could eat forever, but I know better to explore other foods. If you don't try other foods, you'll never know what you'll like.


Nah I love to eat slow....enjoy food and every bite

why change

its not wierddd. :)

lols, try eating good tasting foods, like so u will enjoy the flavours

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