I have a question about cream cheese?!

Question: I have a question about cream cheese?
I've got an unopened box of cream cheese. The "Best By" date is March 10. Do you think it's still o.k to eat?


Your probably fine but my rule of thumb is if I'm insure, trash it! I rather not eat then spend the night in the bathroom!

past experience!

I would taste it first. But "best by" dates are just "anti lawsuit" meaning after that date, the maker no longer guarantees quality of the product. Most of them are actually not spoiled after those dates especially if refrigerated properly. Note that it says "Best by" not "do not consume after" the date.

Trust your nose. If it smells like cream cheese (fresh, not at all sour) and has no mold growing or off colors (like pink or orange), then it's fine. Same goes for other dairy stuff, too. Especially yogurt. I have no idea why that stuff expires so soon, but before I went vegan, I used to eat that stuff months past the "best by" date with no ill effects.

If it's a "best by/best before/sell by" date, then you can open it and see if it's still OK, but from more than two weeks ago I wouldn't bet on it. If it's a "use by" date, throw it. Use by dates are closer to when the food will spoil than the others.

Only way to tell - open and taste it. All use-by dates have a built in safety margin and by law different types of food have different standard life spans, but it's mainly to do with over-regulation of food production, and our litigious society.

I would be hesitant to eat it. However, in the mean time, if the company has listed their number on the box, give them a ring and ask them.

Don't eat it. My rule for dairy products: If it's over 5 days...trash it. You will get sick.


Just smell it and taste it. If it smells good and tastes good then guess what? Its good.

i use past the date all of the time

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