How can I go vegetarian?!

Question: How can I go vegetarian?
It is really hard for me to go vegetarian because I finish Uni late and then when I get home Dinner is ready and it is Mostly meat every night. I was never a big fan of meat.
I told my Dad I am going Vegetarian and he said I am stupid! Well I say F**k what he thinks.
But how am I going to cook my own meals and get my own food because I don't drive, And I HATE public transport!? And my parents said if i want to go vegetarian I have to get my own food.

In 'Easter' & 'Christmas' time it is Impossible to go Vegetarian because my family normally have a BIG food feast.

How can I go vegetarian without someone from my family thinking I am a Freak and what is the easiest way?

I am doing this because I LOVE animals and I don't really like meat.


Don't need public transport to be vegetarian. Walking in the lovely fresh spring air is good anyway and keeps you healthy. Or get a bike

Cook your own food, make it fresh and tasty and you will soon find the others in the house wanting to try some. Use plenty of fresh herbs, fresh spices from your local shop

Also, veg cupboard items such as lentils, chick peas, nuts keep for ages (unlike a slab of steak) so buy it when you can and keep it

If you haven't cooked much then get a good vegetarian cook book which includes a few special occasion meals

Why do you have to go extreme and give yourself a label? It is very conforming.

If you are that serious, use public transport and cook yourself.

If you aren't that serious, then eat what you have available.

Eat vegetarian most of the time if that is your taste, but if you are hungry and like a meat dish, then eat that when you want.

Life is about balance, not extremes.

eat the vegetarian portions of the meals and then fill in the gaps with healthy options like sandwiches, smoothies, fruit, salads or whatever. If you are a university student you can do this. My family still thinks I am a food freak after almost 20 years. Who cares?

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