Why do vegans say it's unnatural to drink milk?!

Question: Why do vegans say it's unnatural to drink milk?

Do you suppose it's natural for humans to rely on drinking milk from another species, to get their essential "vitamins?" Weren't we weaned when we grew teeth?

Pasteurized cow's milk is one of the worst things you can put in your body under the so-called "food" category. It's completely unnatural after it's heated and loses most if not all its nutritional value. Not to mention all the enzymes that your body NEEDS to digest it! Because of the high protein content (and because it's heated), every time you drink it, your body has to take away from its own vital calcium, mineral, and enzyme supply just to digest it. It gives absolutely no benefit whatsoever. Like I said, you're actually depleted of calcium when you drink it.

It also creates mucus in the body, and leaves a nasty coat of unnatural muck in the digestive track. Milk has scores of allergens, hormones and antibiotics.

When milk is homogenized it does even more damage. It too is an unnatural process done only to "preserve" the life of the milk on the shelf, so profits aren't lost. It scars the arteries, which is one of the reasons heart disease is so present in people today.

If you're talking raw cow's milk, that would be a different. But still the imbalance of minerals in cow milk are completely unnatural to the human body. Cow's milk was designed for calves, not humans. Just as human milk was created specifically for a human baby. Raw milk is extremely hard to find now days anyway, unless you have your own cows of course or know someone who does.

Millions and millions of dollars are paid every year to keep the truth hidden from the public. Stop believing all these ads you see everywhere. They are not being put up by people who care for your health.

milk is only produced when a baby needs to grow teeth, it's produced by the mother of the baby animal.

WHen the teeth are formed, milk dries up.

An adult animal ( cow, deer, human, unicorn, camel) does not drink milk as there is no milk from the source to give it, also, teeth are now grown and there's no natural need for that milk. So technically speaking nature only creates milk from a mammal to give to its young to make the young teeth grow in.

Anything other than that is unnatural. Technically.

Biologically as well, cow, goat, sheep, camel, pig, cat and donkey milk, when ingested by humans ( and why you'd do that, I dunno, it's maybe a USDA thing- brainwashing, gives you calcium and stuff, whatev..) it's not a naturally occurring product for the human- humans drink the milk from their mothers when they are very young, and not the milk from other species. Biologically the other species' milk can be harmful, acidic, causing mucus, creating acid formation inside, lactose buildup and can affect the human physique adversely, as it's not a normal addition to the human digestive system.

they don't properly say that it's unnatural but they think that cows live in very bad conditions in intensively farms because farmers just care for them to produce a lot of milk.
more over cows don't naturally produce the milk but they start when they're pregnant, in order to keep the milk to sell it later the farmers usually kill their baby (otherwise there will be too many cows) and to make the cows keep producing milk (naturally they'll stop once the baby is gone) the farmers have to keep them feeling like they have a baby to rise...
Vegans think that all of this is cruel so they sabotage the milk products by not drinking milk, i'll say that vaganism is, more than else, an economic and political view.

I know the same thing has been said 10+ times, but I am going to reinforce it. Humans drink their mother's milk for the first few months of their lives (usually around 6 months) and they have the ability to grow into a 65 kg human adult from that milk. Why are we drinking cow's milk at rapid rates? It's the dairy industry who spends billions of dollars each year convincing us that as humans we need the nutrition of cows milk to remain healthy and live long healthy lives. They know that milk will lead to osteoporosis and many other diseases, but they don't care about whether you're on your death bed dying of degenerative diseases, all they want is the money in your wallets. It's a very sad situation. If I could, I would set the dairy corporation buildings on fire, but unfortunately I would have to spend life in prison and that's not fun :P

Vegetarian who avoids milk and eggs whenever possible.

For the same reason they claim it's "natural" to take a handfull of pills or drink protein drinks every day to replace the nutrients they're missing in milk and meat.

Simply put: they don't have a clue.

ADDED: We are not the only species that "farms" another species and takes their milk.

From the link:

"Scientists had previously established that certain types of aphids live in colonies where they are used as a food source by a neighbouring colony of ants. The ants have been known to bite the wings off the aphids in order to stop them from getting away and depriving the ants of one of their staple foods: the sugar-rich sticky honeydew which is excreted by aphids when they eat plants."


ADDED II: Calves (baby cows) only have one stomach when they're born and they seem to handle momma's milk quite well.

You only drink it because you were taught to drink it. If you grew up all alone on an island and had no parents, you wouldn't go and milk a cow. You wouldn't even think about doing it. It's unnatural. But you've been doing it so long now that it's completely normal to you. I was in Cambodia and they eat fried tarantulas in some areas. Weird to us but they don't think twice about it. They've been doing it so long that it's normal to them. But to us it's weird. Think outside the box and look at it from an outsider's point of view.

I'm not vegan but still think it's unnatural

many people say that not just vegans

and generally its cos we drink other animals milk, not our own, so we make that distinction, you have to ask, why do we make that distinction

we will drink another animals boob juice, but say its disgusting and wrong to drink our own species boob juice
thats what i think is the most natural thing,
its more unnatural to drink the milk of another animal than it is to drink the milk of your own

Because it is. Drinking milk is for infants. We are the only species on the planet that regularly consumes milk past infancy, and not only that but it is the milk of another species. A cow's milk is meant for its calf, there is no ifs-ands-or-buts about it. The sole purpose of a cows milk is to make a baby cow grow up to be healthy.

The short answer is that milk is intended for baby animals. Mammals, except humans, quit drinking milk after being weaned as babies. One point of evidence they often point to is that the majority of humans are lactose intolerant as (except for mainly those of northern European heritage) our bodies quit making the enzyme, lactase, to digest milk sugar, lactose, as we age.

Because about 75% of the global human population are unable to digest dairy products.

"Approximately 75% of the world's population loses the ability to completely digest a physiological dose of lactose after infancy." -Pribila et al., (2000). Improved lactose digestion and intolerance among African-American adolescent girls fed a dairy-rich diet. Journal of the American Dietetic Association. 100(5):524-8. http://www.accessmylibrary.com/coms2/sum…

vegan biologist

We are the only animals on the planet that drink milk past infancy, let alone the milk of another species. Some humans (not all) have only been drinking milk for 10000 years in terms of human evolution that is a relatively short amount of time.

name one other species that drinks milk beyond infancy... or name one other species that drinks the milk of another species...

hint: there are none

If you think about it, the main purpose of cows milk it to cause weight gain. It takes a 90lb calf to 2,000lbs in under two years. why do you think low fat milk sales have surpassed whole milk sales. In its natural state, humans gain weight from it.

Flawless answers people! Really surprised when I saw this. I been studying what food does to the body for 10 years and this question makes me proud of the true knowledge spreading around and I wish EVERYONE would do away with things that are harming their body. Its so heart warming to see even a small portion of the population rising up against some of the most dire but most ignored issues in the world today.

Milk gets produced by a mother for her child to consume so it grows and gets the right amount of nutrients. It's not meant for grown animals. Would you say it's natural to walk up to a nursing cow and drink from her teat?

Because it is, duh! Humans are the only animals in the entire world that drink the breast milk from a different species - it's actually quite gross when you really think about it.

Only because they don't want you to think that it is natural to drink pus and blood. Oh, I mean pasteurized pus and blood.

Because its for baby cows. Last I checked Humans were not cows.

sublime, blood is not vegan. I don't even think lacto-ovos can drink blood unless they don't want to be a vegetarian anymore.

Because we are the only species to drink the milk from a species other than our own. You wouldn't find a lamb suckling from a cow for example.

Because drinking milk from another species is very unnatural considering that humans have their own milk.

Cows milk is digested by an animal with four stomachs we have one do the math.

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