Why do many vegetarians think humans are not meant to eat meat?!

Question: Why do many vegetarians think humans are not meant to eat meat?
I just had a roast beef sandwich today. Generally I avoid red meat (takes longer to digest, more cholesterol/calories), but I see no harm in eating it once or twice a month. The meat I mainly eat is chicken, turkey, and fish (all grilled/roasted, never fried).

But I've had vegetarians lecture me saying that humans are meant to consume meat. I know vegans have different reasons for not eating meat. Some are doing it to keep their weight down. Some are animal rights people. Some may just not like the taste of meat. Some have the belief that humans are herbivores. Or all of the above.

I talked to a personal trainer, who's he's in excellent shape (low body fat, toned physique), and he told me that without question humans are supposed to eat meat. He eats it every day. He mainly sticks to chicken or fish, but has red meat once a month. He was explaining to me that human teeth is designed like a omnivore's, not a herbivore. We have canine-like teeth designed for shredding meat. Also he was explaining that there are like 17 different proteins (I don't remember the exact number) and meat has many of them. My biology professor also explained to me that vegetarians are missing out on certain nutrients, proteins, and amino acids.

When you look at a lot of vegetarians, many of them look sickly, weak, and scrawny. Somebody I know was telling me about a fruit-a-terian that he knows that only consumes fruit, and described him as looking ghostly & skeleton-like. Almost all professional athletes consume meat for strength.

Look, I'm an animal lover. And am for animal rights. But I feel humans are meant to eat meat. If I were swimming in shark infested waters, the sharks would eat me too. It's about survival of the fittest. And mankind has been consuming meat since caveman times. Biology intended for us to eat meat. Meat is a food meant for humans, and we know it is, because A -- our tastebuds tell us that it tastes good, and B -- it's packed with various nutrients that give us fuel and keep us alive.


why do you think you have the right to force your beliefs on vegetarians?

Where did the personal trainer that you spoke with get his Ph.d at or any credentials that makes the educated enough for me to believe what they state about what I should or should not be eating?

Do not know any stick or weak vegetarians. Unless they have an eating disorder.

FYI- the you interchange the words vegan and vegetarian way too much that it makes it confusing. Then again you probably do not know the difference between a vegetarian and a vegan.

You made personal attacks on people so they do have the right not make a personal attack onto you. Do unto others.

all have different ideas. but actually human should eay meat for good health once a month

Taking meat as food was in stone age. After civilisation one should not take meat

Why do you keep asking the same question?

(probably going to get some "thumbs down" for this)

but, I totally agree with you, and your trainer. Humans are predators by nature, we are designed to eat meat... our teeth and digestive systems are made to handle both vegetable matter and flesh...our eyes are facing forward to easily zone in on prey. Vegetarianism is a choice.

Yes, eating more vegetables is a healthy choice, and there are viable alternatives to get the protein without consuming meat. However, one does not have to completely rule out animal products to stay healthy...it's a CHOICE.

I, too, love animals and don't like the idea of one dying for my benefit... then again, a lion wouldn't think twice about taking me down...that's just nature.

I do think that a lot of folks eat entirely too much meat, but that's just my opinion....

I answered this queshtion. Stop forcing your views on us. I'd we don't want to eat meat we font have to and by not eating meat we're not hitting anyone. People have choices now it's the 21st century. Your obviously not very informed on vegetarianism considering that you say we can't get protein when obviously we can through beans, nuts, seeds ect and you say we're sick and scrawny when you don't even know any of us and to tell you the truth me and the other veg* ns I know are all healthy. Look at all the obeese unhealthy meat eaters. why do you think doctors always tell people to cut out meat. I don't need say what I did before because I allready answered this queshtion but please stop wasting your time trying to force your views on us.

unfortunately you have been misinformed. maybe your trainer meant meant amino acids but even if he did there are 20 amino acids that we need to live. our body can make most of them but there are 9 that we need to get from food :http://www.peptideguide.com/amino-acids/…
all of these amino acids can be found in vegetable sourceshttp://www.webmd.com/food-recipes/tc/hea…
also if we're just talking about vegetarians there are also sources for these amino acids in animal products like cheeses and eggs.

many groups have looked at vegetarian diets and agree that they are healthy :http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/vegetar…
there are more if you feel free to look it up. so to answer your question, vegetarians feel like we don't need to eat meat because we don't

You can eat meat certainly. You don't have to eat meat. Your professor is mistaken if he believes that nourishment can't be found outside of eating meat. It is easily done, but you can't just cut out meat and not fill in the nutritional gaps.

Eating meat has become more political - it is an expensive and high pollutant way to create food. (Look up the concept of "food miles" for that conversation). But those who say "your body isn't made to eat it" or "you have to eat meat to be healthy" are both ends of extremism. Do what you like, but do it will, in an informed way.

Vegetarianism wasn't my choice. I can't digest meat. I'm not scrawny, maybe you're used to looking at fat people. The first cavemen were actually vegans since animals were hard to kill. Getting raped has been around since caveman times maybe you should try it, it must be right. I get more protein than one that eats meat.

Why do you keep posting the same question? I'm a vegetarian and I have my opinion, you have yours. Everyone complains about how vegetarians push their beliefs on people (which I completely disagree with by the way because I don't ever do that) , and then they turn around and push their meat eating beliefs on us. It goes both ways. No one is ever going to 'win' or be 'right.

One more thing, your description of 'many' vegetarians is completely off the mark. I've never seen a 'scrawny, sickly, or weak' vegetarian. I'm a ballet dancer- I have muscle and need protein. I'm not passing out at rehearsals...I get just as much nutrition as the meat eaters do.

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