Pros and cons for being a vegetarian?!

Question: Pros and cons for being a vegetarian?
Im thinking about going vegetarian... but i wanna know the pro's and con's of being one. and if its bad for you. I don't exactly have good health so could this make me sicker than i already am?


You're too thin to be a vegetarian! LOL

No hormones or other substances injected into animals
With no foreign substances you are not more at risk for health problems
No risk of e-coli if food prepared properly
No risk of food poisoning
Your bowels are cleaner

You don't get all of the vitamins and minerals
You lose a lot of unnecessary weight
You're malnourished
You being a young lady (a beautiful one at that) you need anywhere from 15-25% body fat in order to develop properly. Body fat is necessary to regulate your menstrual cycle, develop your bust and hips.

Why do you want to be a vegetarian?
I know of another diet method. Blood types are categorized into four different types. Each blood type comes from a different "tribe" of people i.e. food gatherers, hunters etc. Each tribe had their own eating habits. Lets say you have the blood type of a hunter (meat and poultry only diet) and you are also eating as a food gatherer (vegetarian), you could develp some help problems like sinus infections, anemia things of that nature. If I find it before you post your next question, I will post the link there. I forgot what this diet is called.

-Health. Vegetarians tend to be much healthier than omnivores.
-Animals. The average vegetarian saves 100 animals a year.
-Environment. Vegans can leave their shower running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will STILL not have wasted as much water as an omnivore.
-It opens up a whole new world of tastes and cooking.

-Convenience. Sometimes it can be a pain finding foods (at restaurants, ect), but you get used to it.
-Discrimination. Sometimes people can be rude to other vegetarians, but this is also something you get used to and learn to ignore.

Pros - Its healthier, you'll be helping save the environment, you'll be saving animals, you'll feel better, you'll have healthier skin and you'll have more energy.

Pro- Saves animals!
- in some ways healthier
- you always know what you're eating (i.e. lettuce, pasta, etc not MSG,emulsifiers etc.)

Cons- No meat :'( (not a balanced diet of protein?)


Pros: Healthy! Save animals!
Cons: You have to work harder to get a balanced diet and sometimes people tease you.

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