10 points! Canned Slice Beets?!

Question: 10 points! Canned Slice Beets!?
Are canned sliced beets good for you!?
i ate a whole can and half with alittle Romero basil dressing and drank the juice that was left in the bowl!.
it delicious with that dressing!.

anyway, my stomach is kind of hurting now!. is too much beets bad!?!?
i find my concern to be kind of stupid and funny!.

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I did the same thing in the summer and got belly ache too! It passed within a day!. There was vinegar on the beetroot (I'm British) which I think in the large quantity irritated my stomach!. Drink lots of water because you will need it with all the fibre from the beetroot and the salt from the dressing and maybe on the beetroot too!.
In the UK beetroot doesn't come in cans, it is in jars soaked in vinegar and seasoning, so am not familiar with having it from a can!.
I agree though, beetroot rules! I get a mad craving for it every few months, indulge and then don't touch it for ages!. [email protected]@Com

You probably irritated your tummy a bit!. I bet it was tasty, though!. Just take it easy in the future!. :-)

Too much of ANYTHING (especially stuff high in acid, sugar, fat, or fiber) can cause upset stomachs!. [email protected]@Com

That's just a lot of anything to eat at one sitting!. You will definitely feel the effects of the fiber : )
I can do the same thing with spinach, though, so I'm not judging!.[email protected]@Com

They are a very fiberous root vegetable with a LOT of fiber!. You ate too much and will probably have a lot of gas, diarrhea and your stool may be colored!.[email protected]@Com

Beets are also high in sugar!. Eating too much at once can be tough on your sugar/insulin levels!. Careful!.

I have eaten them by the can as well!. Yummy!.[email protected]@Com

you will have red poop


i like beets, so just heads up it is not blood[email protected]@Com

I wouldn't worry!.
Half you tried raw beetroot grated in a salad!?[email protected]@Com

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