Is "Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein" bad for you?!

Question: Is "Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein" bad for you!?
I just spent this whole day removing products with unhealthy chemicals and trans fat from my family's kitchen!. Would getting rid of products containing this be taking it too far!? I heard it is like MSG!.[email protected]@Com

It's essentially a synonym for MSG!. Not everyone is sensitive to it, but it really has no redeeming value, so I don't think it would be taking it too far to get rid of it!.

note: I wouldn't really consider MSG "minor!." A small percentage of people react very badly to it, either getting migraines or essentially getting high from it!. And if it's not adding any value to your food, why bother with it!?[email protected]@Com

It's often used as a flavor enhancer in processed foods, just like - you guessed it - MSG!. I'd even consider it just another name for MSG!. It might depend on what food it is in - but odds are if it's already a processed food to begin with, like canned spaghetti and sauce, odds are it's just another processed flavoring agent piled on top of an already unhealthy concoction!. Personally, you should cut back on it, it's not something that's natural (it's a lab-made concoction) and as I said, it's mostly used in processed foods to make it palatable anyway!. But you shouldn't become obsessed with eating nothing but healthy food, sometimes you could just let yourself indulge a little, nobody's perfect!.[email protected]@Com

Anything "hydrolyzed" has hydrogen added to it to keep it stable and liquid at room temperature!. Hydrolyzing causes trans-fat, and we now know that is the worst kind of fat!. If it's hydrolyzed, there's animal product added to it!. As a healthy vegan, I'd stay away from it!. What is it!? Those little crumbles that are supposed to act like meat!? Tell em if you wanted meat, you'd eat it!.[email protected]@Com

There's a difference between being healthy and being obsessive!. The fact is, most people eat crap all their life and still live to be 90 or even 100!. And most of those people have the same health problems as the health nuts!. Why waste your time!? Enjoy your life and what you eat!.

I am all for eating healthy!.!.!.but when you're throwing out foods because of one or two minor ingredients that probably don't even make up 2% of the food anyway--that's where I draw the line!.[email protected]@Com

hydrolyzing is not a healthy process, but you will lose your mind if you try to cut out every single little thing in foods that is considered unhealthy!. The best you can do is to cut out as much as possible, and eat fresh unprocessed as much as realistically possible!.[email protected]@Com

yep[email protected]@Com

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