Does being a vegetarian make you more gassy?!

Question: i just became veggie...and noticed a bit of a change.
don't mean to gross anyone out...just curious.

Answers: i just became veggie...and noticed a bit of a change.
don't mean to gross anyone out...just curious.

Depends on what your eating. If you are not vegan and have increased your dairy consumption it has been known to cause gas.

Fruits and vegetables high in fiber usually cause gas. Broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower cause more gas than beans. Your digestive track will start to adapt and you should get less gas.

just try not to be legume (pea or bean) dependent. thats probably why. also, lactose intolerance causes gas, so if you're drinking more milk that might be why. If you think thats the problem, try buying lactose free milk or soy milk and see if there's a difference.

Increase the amount of raw vegetables you eat. You need more fiber.

Depends on the person I suppose.

Chicken makes me very gassy but veggies don't.


lol. it's just part of being humans. or animals. :)

I stopped drinking cow milk coz of... gassy problems, but soy has done the same thing. I switched to rice milk and it's worked wonderfully.

I think it depends on the food item itself and also on genetics and how your body responds to different foods.

Definitely if you've up your consumption of beans.

Only if you're not used to getting enough fiber and healthy foods.

You're probably getting more fiber than your body is used to. Your digestive system will adapt.

Id say if you are recently veg then your body is detoxing and yeh you might be more gassy for awhile. Its like people coming off from drug dependency- they look and feel like **** for awhile then they're healthier than ever.

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