Good simple way to cook tofu?!

Question: I bought the tofu, but I've never tried it before.

Answers: I bought the tofu, but I've never tried it before.

I do freeze my tofu; I like the texture it imparts. In fact, you can store tofu in the freezer for a few months.

Check my profile for tips on freezing and pressing tofu.

Wrap the tofu in paper towels (I don't like the freeze first method) to get rid of the excess water.

Cut into strips or slices. Season with whatever you have on hand - pepper, garlic, curry, turmeric, kelp, cumin, ginger (I use them all). Fry in a mixture of olive oil, hot pepper sesame oil and soy sauce. Sprinkle with sesame seeds when done, if desired.

You can cook them to just golden brown or you can make them well-done. Some people like the tofu to be a little soft others like it to be kind of crispy.

Open the tofu and drain the water. Put tofu block in kitchen towel or between several paper towels and put something heavy on a pot with a couple cans of beans in it to drain out water. Leave for about 45 minutes. Cut tofu into bite sized cubes and pour BBQ sauce all over them and let them marinated in that for a while, anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour (the longer it marinates, the better.) Heat a TBSP. or so of oil in a pan over medium heat and carefully put in the bbq-sauce tofu and let brown stirring frequently.

Serve warm.

Best way to make tofu-

1.) Open package up

2.) open door to pantry

3.) Lift open garbage can lid

4.) plop sh*t in garbage

5.) Drive to nearest resturant to have a well balanced flex veg meal.

Follow these steps to keep from getting the sallow skinned, hallow eyed effect.

Cook it in meat, preferably beef. Try a little worshishire sauce with that and see what you come up with.


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