Can you fail a drug test for drinking "5 hour energy" energy drink?!


Can you fail a drug test for drinking "5 hour energy" energy drink?

what about regular energy drinks? What about cold medicines?

Answers: it all depends what you're being tested for. so foods and drink can create side-effects in your body that would test positive (eg steroids) No!! Yes, or by eating anything with poppies. You'll be tested positive for opium dont eat burger buns with yeast no that has nothing to do with it No, that isn't a drug not unless they have illicit drugs in them No, not unless energy drinks have something in them they didn't put on the label.

If you have any doubts, save the can/bottle and let them know what you've been taking. Like, if you took prescription painkillers and it showed up and they had questions, keep your medicine bottle/label so you could show them what you were taking.

But OTC, you're fine. If they had the good stuff in them, they wouldn't be selling them at convenience stores next to the Cokes. If energy drinks contained ingredients to make you fail a drug test, then I'm in big trouble! *wink* Nah.
You wouldnt fail it, you'd probably just act a little funny. but when they tested you nothing would happen.

And to "that's how i roll" 's answer, you won't test positive for opium unless you eat A LOT and i mean A LOT of poppyseeds. Like at least a couple pounds. who would do that, lol. NO

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