Powerade vs. soda?!


Powerade vs. soda?

Is powerade healthier to drink than soda. I have been drinking 2-3 powerades a day... is that healthier than drinking 4-5 sodas a day... thanks


High fructose corn syrup
Citric Acid
Potassium Citrate
Sodium Citrate
Malic Acid
Potassium Phosphate
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Nutrition Facts:

Serving size: 7 fl oz
Total fat: 0g
Sodium: 55mg
Potassium: 30-35mg
Protein: 0g
Niacin: 10%
Vitamin B6: 10%
Vitamin B12: 10%
Note: Standard 8 ounce servings meet the FDA definition of 'low sodium' and have less sodium than a glass of milk. [2]

In 1992, POWERade became the official sports drink of the 1992 Olympic Games alongside Aquarius, another sports drink made by Coca-Cola. [3] In July 2001, Coca-Cola launched a new formula for POWERade including vitamins B3, B6 and B12, which play a role in energy metabolism.

In July 2005, the Coca-Cola Company updated the bottles of the standard POWERade to a new sport-grip bottle.

In 2005, POWERade introduced POWERade Option to the United States, no doubt in response to Gatorade's popular Propel. Option is a "low Calorie sports drink" that is colorless and sweetened with high fructose corn syrup, sucralose, and acesulfame potassium, to provide sugar-conscious consumers with another rehydration "option".

POWERade also conducted a marketing campaign that took advantage of the rumors surrounding the sequels to the first Matrix movie, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, [citation needed] wherein an agent would encourage viewers to "Drink more POWERade". POWERade vending machines can also be seen in some levels of the Enter the Matrix video game ,and the option flavor 'Matrix Green' was also developed as part of this campaign. It was also featured in Tony Hawk's American Wasteland.

It comes in many flavors, including:

Mountain Blast (Berry flavored, Bright blue in color)
Lemon-Lime (Lemon-lime flavored, Greenish-Yellow in color)
Fruit Punch (Fruit Punch Flavored, Bright red in color)
Orange Burst (Orange flavored, Orange in color)
Black Cherry Lime (Black Cherry & Lime flavored, Dark green in color)
Jagged Ice (Blackberry and Raspberry flavored, Dark Purple in color)
Arctic Shatter (cherry, peach, and guava flavored, Frosty white in color)
Green Squall (Kiwi, Melon, & Pineapple flavored, Bright neon green in color)
Mango (Mango flavored, Light orange in color)
Strawberry Melon (Strawberry and Melon Flavored, Reddish-Orange in color)
Grape (Grape flavored, Dark purple in color)
International flavors:

Berry ice (New Zealand, Bright red in color)
Solar Flare (Orange & Tangerine flavored, orange in color)
Mr. Netteberg Rush (red fruit punch)
In Canada there are a few other flavors available, including:

Ice Berry Wave (White Grape and Strawberry in flavor, Frosty White in color)
In Europe there are a few other flavors available, including:

Forest Force
Citrus Charge
Ice Storm
Wild Cherry
Wild Berries
Gold (Grapefruit-Lemon flavored) - Released during the 2004 Olympics under the name Gold Medal
In New Zealand flavours also include:

Full Eighty (green coloured)- released to coincide with the launch of the Super 14 international rugby competition.
Silver Charge (light-gray coloured) - released in support of the All Blacks rugby team
In Australia flavours also include:

Gold Rush (Mango flavour that coincides with the Australia national rugby union team).
Socceroo Strike (Medicine flavour complete with a green and gold sipper cap in support of the Australian Soccer team the Socceroos)
In Mexico flavors also include:

Green Apple (green colored)- released as a limited edition during the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea-Japan, but returned in 2003 as a permanent flavor.
Grapefruit (pink-colored).
Lemonade (gray-colored).
Mango Citrico - citrus with mango.
Light Lemon. - diet
Light Cherry. - diet
Light Strawberry. - diet

Discontinued Flavors
Tidal Burst ("Blend of Sour Fruit Flavors," Teal in color)
Infrared Freeze (Fruit and Orange Flavored, Dark orange-red in color)
Black Bust (Blend of black licorice and mango, Black in color)
Matrix Green (Marketing tie-in to The Matrix and its sequels)
Maracuya (Mexico) - 2004 Olympic Games limited edition
Tricolor (Mexico) - green grape flavor, light-green colored - released in support of the Mexico national soccer team.

Option Flavors
Black Cherry

POWERade is the official sport drink of NASCAR, the U.S. Olympic Team, FIFA, and the AFL, in no small part due to their contracts with Coca-Cola.[citation needed]
POWERade also owns the naming rights to the NHRA's premier championship league.[citation needed]
Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James has become one of the brand's spokespersons.
The logo can also be seen several times in the movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, as one of Ricky Bobby's (Will Ferrell) sponsors. Ricky also states that "due to a binding endorsement contract", he must mention Powerade each time he says grace.

thats kinda the history of powerade and it shows you all the flavors and the ingredients..... but my answer is powerade because its better and healthier for a person to drink it.soda is nothing but fat. and thats why i hate sodas and i lova powerades

It may be slightly healthier, given the minerals in it. But they are both basically sugar-water, offering little if any nutrition for the calories they contain. Plain water would do you much better, and cost much less.

it depends. if u play sports then thats ok. powerade replenishes and rehydrates u. itz better than drinking soda bcuz soda is made up of mostly sugar which can be the cause of diabetes.
FYI~too much of anything is bad for u.

Of course it is healthier, anything carbonated is not good. Of course you must get in your daily water, too.

Soda... even if it isn't good for you neither is powerade and at least soda doesn't taste like gasoline!

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